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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Older mother meet up in Wiltshire/Hampshire.

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jellyvodkas Sat 07-May-11 09:24:46

Would any older mums be interested in a meet up for coffee/snack/meal?
I have 2 grown up children who have flown the nest and a younger DS still at home in school. I still havent met that many people around here in Wiltshire and thought it would be so nice to meet some folk on here as I think mumsnet is great.

NoelEdmondshair Sun 08-May-11 08:51:16

Why limit it to older mums, jelly, one of the nice things about mumsnet is the mix of different-aged mums and how much we have in commom?

Afraid I don't live in Wiltshire/Hamps otherwise we could get together and discuss our aches and pains and the merits of Duran Duran -v- Spandau Ballet smile

Perhaps trying re-posting in Chat. Good luck.

jellyvodkas Sun 08-May-11 12:58:18


NoelEdmondshair Mon 09-May-11 07:31:35


jellyvodkas Sun 15-May-11 18:56:16


sharbie Sun 15-May-11 18:58:58

i am in hants and wd be interested but can't travel as far as wilts. smile

jellyvodkas Sun 15-May-11 19:01:57

hi where r u in hants?

sharbie Sun 15-May-11 19:03:34


south of winch

jellyvodkas Sun 15-May-11 19:06:04

hello Sharbie

I am in Salisbury !!

..and how many children have you and how old?
Mine are 23, 20 and 10 yr old.

sharbie Sun 15-May-11 19:08:22

two - ds is nearly 17 and dd 14.
i don't work due to long term (pita) illness but can do lunch coffee etc unfort unable to travel v far though to meet up.
always up for meeting new people though. smile

sleepingsowell Sun 15-May-11 19:10:04

Hello, I'm in Hampshire.....what do you class as an older mum though? I am 43, which is old enough to have some grown up kids of course, but I started later! DS is 8.

Are you meaning mums who have older kids or do i 'fit in' grin?

sharbie Sun 15-May-11 19:11:18

i am old - i am 44 smile sleeping

oooooooo are we getting a meet up together?

jellyvodkas Sun 15-May-11 19:17:28

I am even older than you two.....50 . Its sounds old but i dont look it TBH.
Yes lets meet....
Anyone really sleepingsowell....I guess anything older than 40 is 'older"

sharbie Sun 15-May-11 19:20:37

i can see we will be comparing wrinkles

jellyvodkas Mon 16-May-11 09:33:55

So where should we meet..
Can you guys make Salisbury?

I can travel would be so nice to make new friends...and older Mums would be fantastic..
Please lets set a date or two and see what we can do.
Any weekday is fine for me as 10 yr old at school till at least 4.10pm.
What are you guys into?
Here....I am a bit of a keep fit fanatic and love sport. . . . Gregarious , outgoing but tactful and discrete.
but hey ! ...anything goes.

crispyseaweed Wed 29-Jun-11 10:06:54

bump bump

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