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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Sydenham, Forest Hill, Crystal Palace and Dulwich

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Holymoly321 Fri 04-Nov-05 12:05:34

I'm a new mum with a 7 week old DS. I'm used to working in Central London in quite a stressful job and so am all new to this SAHM stuff. Wondered if there were any other mums in the area who would like to meet up?

Non25 Thu 08-Dec-05 19:49:15

Firstly, Podkin: nice to hear from you. It's strange to think we might have bumped into one another as I lived in Whiteley for a very long time - it's changed a lot.
As for a meet up, I'm afraid I can't do a Friday before xmas and I now can't make Tuesday.
Kitegirl: I take my dd every Monday morning so if you want to join us next Monday (12th) please do - I get there around 10.30.
Belo: in case you can be persuaded I went after B's music class - it's a 15/20 min drive. Also, on Friday 16th there's a story telling of Eloise at Norwood Library. I'm going with a couple of friends and your dd1 might enjoy it.

pogface Thu 08-Dec-05 21:33:15

where is bellingham? how far from forest hill?

(too tired to go find the a-z..)

webchick Thu 08-Dec-05 23:29:56

pogface, its near the Sainsburies Savacentre in lower Sydenham, towards the A21

Belo Sun 11-Dec-05 11:05:08

Non25, maybe we will come along tomorrow after Bea's. DD2 hasn't been very well at all, but it looks like the anti-biotics are kicking in so we should be able to come. If she's still not well though, we'll give it a miss. I'll have a look at the www and try and find directions. What time do you think you'll be there until?

Details of Bea's baby music here . I think it's better for the younger ones then the older ones. DD2 is normally hypnotised by the class. When I attempt to sing the songs to here at home she instantly starts to giggle.

Belo Sun 11-Dec-05 11:05:33

Oooh - that was my first ever successful link!!!

Holymoly321 Mon 12-Dec-05 08:43:41

Hi everyone! Wow, excellent to see some new people have joined this thread since I last logged on! Sorry I haven't been on for a while - xmas and everything else seems to have taken up masses of my time recently. Belo, hope all is well with you and lo - just had a look at the link for Bea's music - looks great but I think DS is a little bit young for it at the moment (though he is growing REALLY fast!). Hi to Kitegirl, Raindog and Pogface. If you all go to Rascals this morning, I hope you all have a great time - We're not able to make it this morning - have spent the weekend doing our 'family christmas' with my half of the family near Bristol and I'm exhausted! I'd love to meet up with people for a coffee or whatever. The best time for me this week would be Thursday am or anytime on Friday. Pogface, I think our lo's are the closest in age - DS is 12 weeks old. As next week is the last before christmas I know it may be hard for people to meet up, but if anyone would like to, I could probably make it.

Holymoly321 Mon 12-Dec-05 08:48:14

Oops - forgot to add - Pogface, I don't think there is any surestart stuff in our area -grrr- but I go to a very nice baby/toddler group on Tuesday mornings at the Grove Centre on Jews Walk in Sydenham. It's 10-12 and has just finished for the christmas break. I'm slowly getting to find out about other groups too -I'd be happy to meet up with you if you're finding it hard to get used to being a SAHM - trust me, I felt the same and it does get easier!

pogface Mon 12-Dec-05 17:32:14

hi all
smiling - a coffee on friday would be lovely - perhaps at the horniman or do you know somewhere better - and of course anyone else who'd like to join in..?

re surestart - a friend in southwark is going to sign me up under her address , cos their's is brilliant - she gets free massage and goes to baby swimming, breastfeeding support, and theres a baby interaction room with fibre optics and lights and crash mats to roll around on...

the group in sydenham sounds good - i'd like to come along when it restarts. perhaps i can get the details off you when we meet?

sorry i didnt make it to rascals everyone - i had a bit of a nightmare day, DP's dad was finally moving out of our house and it was chaos. and just perfect conditions for trying to get a baby to sleep...not.

anyway...bye4now. x

Holymoly321 Mon 12-Dec-05 18:52:20

Ah - good move! I need to find someone in a surestart area! I can't believe Lewisham doesn't have it! Re Friday - I think I can make it - should know more by Wednesday. Horniman cafe would be great. Anyone else around?

Non25 Mon 12-Dec-05 20:15:08

Belo: I've had no internet access for a few days and DD hasn't been well so I didn't make it to Rascals this morning. I hope you didn't either as I don't want you to think I cried off without telling you! If you (or anyone else) fancy giving it a go before xmas I can do Monday or Tuesday next week. Just let me know.

I'm not free this Friday for a meet-up, so have fun.

Belo Tue 13-Dec-05 13:28:09

We didn't make it either Non25. DD2 was very miserable yesterday. There is no Bea's next week so I'm definitely up for giving it a go then. What time are you planning on going for?

I can't do a meet up this Friday. It's the Christmas play at the nursery! Thanks for telling us about the Norwood library show Non25. That would have been good, but dd1 is needed at the nursery.

Smiling/Kitegirl/Pogface, would you be up for Rascals next week?

Holymoly321 Wed 14-Dec-05 20:03:22

Hi all. I won't be able to make Friday as I have to wait for a delivery (after spending all day at home today waiting for it only to be told it will be Friday afterall - grrr!). Belo, I won't be able to make Monday at Rascal's either - it's all gone mentally busy before Christmas - lots of people have stopped working for the holidays and want to come and visit DS etc. Pogface, the group starts again in Jan and I'd be happy to meet you there if you were nervous about turning up on your own. It looks like I won;t be around for a meet-up until Jan, but it would be great to meet you all then! If you do all meet up at Rascals on Monday, have a lovely time, and if I don't get a chance to log on again until after Christmas, everyone have a fantastic one!

pogface Thu 15-Dec-05 11:43:53

sorry all, dont think i can make monday, xmas duties call... no worries about friday - i am going to take baby swimming instead! it would be nice to have that coffee in the new year when the post xmas blues hit. (ie when you realise that winter's got a long way still to go and theres not much going on to look fwd to ..god listen to me, i sound depressed already! not really.)
have a lovely xmas everyone and a happy noo yirr!
p x

Non25 Fri 16-Dec-05 00:01:47

Hi Belo. I'll be at Rascals on Monday morning btw 10.30 and 11. It'd be good if you can make it - let me know if you need directions (it's opposite Bellingham Station, on Randlesdown Rd). If you're driving don't go past the health centre as you'll miss the entrance to the car park. If Monday comes and you can't make it then we can rearrange something for the new year.

Non25 Mon 19-Dec-05 20:12:32

Belo: As usual, I drove to Rascals this morning and it was closed . Hope you didn't make it.

Belo Sat 24-Dec-05 16:04:06

We didn't make Non25, but that sounds as if it was just as well! Are you at your Mums for Xmas? Maybe see you on Whiteley!

corblimeymadam Sat 07-Jan-06 18:47:50

Message withdrawn

pogface Sun 08-Jan-06 17:47:11

hi all
hope you had a good xmas and new year..ours was necessarily quiet (or rather, noisy in all the wrong places!)
If anyone fancies it, i'd love to meet up for a coffee this week - i was thinking perhaps at the horniman cafe on thursday? if that suits anyone - if not, feel free to suggest another time...
btw, do you all know about the watch-with-baby screenings every friday morning at Ritzy cinema Brixton? theyre only £3.50 and they show decent adult films, wooh! last week was brokeback mountain and matchpoint. im so pleased to have found a cinema that lets you take babies into non-u cert films.
p xx

corblimeymadam Tue 10-Jan-06 20:11:11

Message withdrawn

Holymoly321 Tue 10-Jan-06 20:41:18

Hi everyone - glad to see this thread is staying alive! Pogface - Would love to meet up with you and the others - this week is out for me though, but could do next? Belgianbun -welcome. Dont' worry about the jabs - when DS had his (he's 17 weeks now), I just made sure that I had a feed to give him immediately after the jabs and that helped a lot! Greenwich Picturehouse cinema also does baby screenings - went to see Matchpoint last Friday. Was a great experience, going to the flicks with all the mums, but a not such a great film!

Belo Tue 10-Jan-06 21:09:16

Hello all. I'm going back to work a week on Monday so I don't think I'll be able to meet up. dd2 is doing her 'settling-in' period at nursery and she'll be having a couple of full days next week. If you arrange a date/time, and we can make it I will come.

Holymoly321 Tue 10-Jan-06 21:21:52

Hi Belo - good luck for next week! Will of course let you know if we do meet up.

pogface Thu 12-Jan-06 10:48:48

next week is fine for me. how about thursday, maybe 2 ish? or any other time that suits people, it doesnt really matter to us :-)
horniman cafe is nice, but there are also a couple of quite baby friendly cafes in brockley, jam circus and moonbow jakes, if thats better for people...
hope the jaBs went ok - ds had his a coule of weeks ago, was fast asleep and woke up screaming for about 30 seconds! ideal. got the next lot coming up very soon tho...not sure im going to be able to engineer that situation again. interestingly the nurse suggested not holding him while it happened, then picking him up and comforting him immediately after, to distract him, that way he still feels that in mummy's arms everything is ok, rather than, i was in mummy's arms and it still hurt.
seemed to work last time, but we shall see...!

corblimeymadam Thu 12-Jan-06 11:41:06

Message withdrawn

kitegirl Thu 12-Jan-06 11:44:47

hi pogface - great to see you on tuesday, hope your lovely little boy is doing well!

i'd love to come next week but we are away, so will definitely make the next one!

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