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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Sydenham, Forest Hill, Crystal Palace and Dulwich

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Holymoly321 Fri 04-Nov-05 12:05:34

I'm a new mum with a 7 week old DS. I'm used to working in Central London in quite a stressful job and so am all new to this SAHM stuff. Wondered if there were any other mums in the area who would like to meet up?

Holymoly321 Thu 17-Nov-05 18:39:37

bumping again

Holymoly321 Fri 18-Nov-05 13:33:55

Just a quick reminder to everyone about meeting up next Wednesday 23rd at Horniman's Park cafe - 10am. So far Belo and I will be going with our LO's. Aloha, motherinferior, pootlepod and Non25 - are you all up for it?

pootlepod Fri 18-Nov-05 14:20:05

Smiling, good luck with the meet, I have since moved away from sarf London so won't be there!

Holymoly321 Fri 18-Nov-05 14:39:36

hey pootlepod - where did you move to? DH wants to move away from SL once little bub is old enough for schools - but at only 8 weeks,I can't even think about all that yet - but you know how men can get! ha ha!

pootlepod Fri 18-Nov-05 14:49:42

Up North!!! We moved for work reasons though, and couldn't really afford any sort of house there. Loved living there (was there about 7 years) but don't think about it much now . Miss the Horniman cafe and Provender- just shows what priorities I had!

Holymoly321 Sun 20-Nov-05 10:55:18

Ah Pootlepod - Provender cafe...mmmm...! Belo - you still OK for Wednesday? Anyone else? The more the merrier

Non25 Sun 20-Nov-05 23:56:31

Hi Smiling. Thanks for the invite but afraid I can't make Wednesday as I take DD to the C Palace playgroup (which she loves). But do let me know if you organise another meet-up. By the way Belo, is the music class you go to B's Baby Music? I ask as I've just booked into a trial session.

Holymoly321 Tue 22-Nov-05 13:39:04

Ah, that's a shame Non25 - I willof course let you know if we organise something else. Belo and everyone else, I'll be at the Horniman Cafe at 10 tomorrow - I'll leave a bright pink scarf on the table so that you'll know it's me! Look forward to seeing you

Belo Tue 22-Nov-05 20:44:24

See you tomorrow Smiling. I'll have a baby with me dressed as a rabbit!

Non - yes, it is Bea's baby music. Were you there on Monday with Eve?

Non25 Wed 23-Nov-05 22:16:35

Hi Belo.
Yes, Eve and I were there. What a coincidence. Also, my mother lives in the Gipsy Hill area and I think you live in the same road as her as you look v familiar. Your older DD obviously enjoys B's music - it was lovely seeing her have so much fun. I'm not sure yet whether I'll go back. I stopped working a couple of months ago to look after Eve full-time and am still trying out new things.

Holymoly321 Thu 24-Nov-05 12:21:50

Belo, it was lovely meeting you and Bessie yesterday, hope the explosions calmed down a bit! If anyone else would like to organise a meet-up, I'd be happy to come along. I may come and check out the music group once we get back from Center Parcs next week.

Belo Mon 28-Nov-05 16:56:09

Hi Smiling. It was nice to meet you and your ds too. I do apologise about dd2's bottom's behaviour!!! I will CAT you numbers for swimming/music/baby yoga. Hope you had a good weekend and were able to make good use of the creche!

Non25, I can't recall seeing you around. Where does your Mum live? If you're looking for things to do and you live in the Surestart area, the stay and play on a wednesday morning is very good. I also love their art class on a Saturday morning.

Non25 Tue 29-Nov-05 19:38:07

Hi Belo. I've heard about the Wednesday stay and play, but we're usually busy that day. I was planning on trying out the saturday art session - so might see you there. My mum lives in Whiteley - I've seen you a couple of times when dropping Eve off, although you could just be passing thro!

Belo Wed 30-Nov-05 11:34:02

Yes, we're on Whiteley. Do I know your Mum?

We should be at the art class on Saturday dd1 loves it.

Belo Fri 02-Dec-05 10:12:20

Smiling - I tried to CAT you the numbers, but you have requested not to receive messages from Mumsnet, so I couldn't. You need to change your preferences, or CAT me and I'll email you back.

kitegirl Sat 03-Dec-05 09:11:51

Hi guys, just saw this board - I live near Horniman Museum, have recently become SAHM to ds 20 months. Would love to join you for your next meet-up!

Holymoly321 Sat 03-Dec-05 17:15:23

Hi Belo - have just logged on for the first time since CenterParcs - which was absolutely lovely! We made good use of the babysitter - had a fantastic meal in the revolving restaurant - but we didnt put Luca in the creche in the end because he was still feeling ill and we decided to keep him with us. DH got a good insight into what life is like with a baby on a daily basis! I think he got quite a shock and he didn't even have to cope with DS on his own all day! I'd definitely recommend CP to anyone wanting to go away with babies or small children. I've changed my settings so you should be able to CAT me now - be great to hear about the baby yoga etc. Kitegirl - hi! If anyone is up for another meet up - I'd be happy to go along. This week is pretty busy for me, but I could be around some time the week after.

Non25 Sun 04-Dec-05 23:38:02

Hi Belo. Don't know if my mum knows you, although if she spots you walking down the road with your little one in a rabbit outfit I can't guarantee she'll coo over her.
Smiling: I'm happy to suggest a venue for a 2nd meet-up. Who else would be interested?

Holymoly321 Mon 05-Dec-05 15:31:04

Non25, I'd be happy to come along. This week is totally out for me but sometime next week or week after should be ok.

kitegirl Mon 05-Dec-05 18:37:57

I'd love to come! early next week best or week after but am flexible

Non25 Mon 05-Dec-05 22:32:10

Do either of you know Rascals at Bellingham Health Centre? It will entertain the toddlers and there's a cafe area from where we can watch the little ones play (there's a separate ball-pool for babies). The play area's great and although the cafe's basic it's fine (DD doesn't sit still for long so it's difficult going to"normal" cafes). It's close to you Smiling and if you don't drive Kitegirl I can give you a lift. I can do a.m Monday/Tuesday next week, or a.m Monday the following week.
Belo: just spotted a typo in my message to you !!! Meant to say "...I CAN guarantee she'll coo over her".

kitegirl Tue 06-Dec-05 08:23:53

I don't know it but googled and it looks fab! My DS will go bonkers at a sight of a ball pool! I can drive/give lifts. Mon/Tue am next week is all good for me, or am Mon the week after

Belo Tue 06-Dec-05 19:47:12

I'm up for another meet up. I can't do Monday a.m.s as we go to Bea's baby Music. I can normally do Tues a.m, but can't do next week. Also I would feel very guilty going somewhere with a ball pool without dd1. She loves things like that. She's at nursery Tuesday - Thursday. How about a Friday morning? Or failing that a Tuesday morning is fine, I'll just have to make sure I don't tell dd1 what dd2 has been up!

Smiling, sorry, I haven't sent you a CAT yet with the numbers. Don't know where my days go to. Promise I'll do it soon!

pogface Thu 08-Dec-05 17:32:48

hello all, i just found this thread, i can hardly type im so excited to find mums in my area . i have a 5 week old son, as a SAHM its amazing how quickly you lose track of the real world and whats going on with other people, so Id love to meet up - i m in Forest Hill.
Im interested in the Bea's Baby music - could someone give me the details - i know mines a bit young yet pprobably but he loves music already..

Smiling - do you , or anyone else in lewisham borough, know of surestart stuff in our area? or specific mum and baby (rather than mum and toddler) groups?

p xx

podkin Thu 08-Dec-05 17:37:48

Sorry to hijack this thread, I was just browsing and noticed that a couple of you mentioned Whiteley - I used to live on that street ! Lived in the area for many years and although now in Sussex, often think about the good times I had there.

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