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Sydenham, Forest Hill, Crystal Palace and Dulwich

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Holymoly321 Fri 04-Nov-05 12:05:34

I'm a new mum with a 7 week old DS. I'm used to working in Central London in quite a stressful job and so am all new to this SAHM stuff. Wondered if there were any other mums in the area who would like to meet up?

Belo Fri 04-Nov-05 12:40:10

Hello, I live in Crystal Palace. I've got a 16 week old and a 3 year old and am currently off work on maternity leave. Going back in January to a rather stressful job...

I've been taking dd2 to a baby yoga class on Thursday mornings which is brilliant and I can highly recommend. Its run by Gipsy Hill surestart so you need to live in their area. Where exactly are you? I can't think of much else to recommend for a little one as most of the things I do are dictated by the 3 year old.

Holymoly321 Fri 04-Nov-05 17:10:17

Hi Belo, I live on Lawrie Park Road, just down the road from Crystal Palace. In fact I took DS for a walk there today as the weather was so gorgeous and I'm not sure how many more days of that we have left! How young is the youngest baby at baby yoga? My DS is prob a bit too young for that at the moment! How do you find being a SAHM?

Belo Sat 05-Nov-05 10:36:34

Hard work! 1/2 of me is looking forward to getting back to work. The 1 o'clock club in crystal palace is really nice. We've been going there on a Friday afternoon. There is a baby area, but 7 weeks may be a bit too young.

The youngest baby at baby yoga at the moment was born mid August. I first took dd2 when she was 5 weeks, she enjoyed a bit of it, but wanted to do lots of feeding. Each week she has enjoyed it more and more. Now she loves it, and so do I as she sleeps for 4 hours afterwards!

Holymoly321 Mon 07-Nov-05 09:21:42

I popped into the one o clock club last week whilst I was taking DS for a walk - there were only three mums in there and all had much older children. Don't think DS would get much out of it. I like the idea of baby massage though - although as I don't live in the Gypsy Hill area I'll prob have to find one in my borough (Lewisham).

pootlepod Mon 07-Nov-05 09:32:44

Smiling, I used to enjoy ths story/song sessions at Forest Hill Library on Tuesday morning-10am. It's probably meant for older babies and toddlers but they are very accommodating for smaller ones. You don't have to attend the whole session either!

Holymoly321 Mon 07-Nov-05 11:42:04

Hi P, I already go to a mother and baby group on Tuesday mornings at the Grove Centre on Jews Walk - typical - all the good ones happen on the same day! . Will def look into other story groups though when DS is a little older. If anyone knows of any other groups for babies and mums, or indeed wants to meet up some time for a coffee, I'd be happy to arrange it.

Raindog Mon 07-Nov-05 11:57:08

Hi Smiling
I live in Forest Hill and have a 6 month old DD (Gosh! I can't believe she has grown so quickly!). I haven't been to Forest Hill library yet, but I know the storytime is also held on thursdays at 2-3pm.

Then there is swimming at the Bridge Leisure Centre (near Sainsbury's Savacentre at Bell Green) on Mondays and wednesdays, and several music groups too.

Whereabouts are you based? The Horniman Museum is also a good place for coffees etc and is very baby-friendly. Maybe we should have a meet up there?

Holymoly321 Mon 07-Nov-05 16:22:51

Hi Raindog - sorry it's taken so long to reply - have been out of the house. Do you know the average age of the Thursday story group? I'd love to hear more about the music groups too. Be happy to meet up with you - and anyone else who would like to come along - The Horniman cafe usually does great cakes!! This week is pretty chocabloc for me, but how about next week?

aloha Mon 07-Nov-05 16:25:09

When you have a seven week old baby outings are for YOUR benefit, not the baby's! He'll be happy anywhere with you. So don't worry about age appropriate playgroups for him, worry about your social life! Happy mummy =happy baby as they say.

Holymoly321 Mon 07-Nov-05 20:42:05

Couldn't agree more aloha! Any opportunity to get out of the house!

aloha Mon 07-Nov-05 20:42:45

Where do you live?

Holymoly321 Tue 08-Nov-05 13:14:50

Aloha aloha. I live on Laurie Park Road in Sydenham. Whereabouts are you?

aloha Tue 08-Nov-05 13:15:17

E Dulwich

motherinferior Tue 08-Nov-05 13:15:45

I'm in Catford.

Holymoly321 Tue 08-Nov-05 13:26:07

Looks like there are a few of us in the same area - hello to motherinferior too. How would we all feel about meeting up one morning or afternoon in Horniman's cafe? Any day next week particularly good or bad for people?

Belo Wed 09-Nov-05 20:26:45

I would be up for meeting up.

As to activities, I've been taking the older dd to a music class and the younger dd gets dragged along. It didn't occur to me that the little one would enjoy it, but she does. She loves it. They do a baby class. It's in West Norwood. I can CAT you details if you want.

Holymoly321 Thu 10-Nov-05 09:19:09

Hi Belo - glad you're up for meeting up. What does 'CAT' mean btw? Everyone else, what would be the best day for you? We could make it the week after next if that's easier for people - I know it can be hard sometimes to get a chance to log on and see what's happening! .

Belo Thu 10-Nov-05 12:49:01

CAT means 'contact another talker'. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are best for me.

Non25 Thu 10-Nov-05 22:37:44

Hello Smiling

I'm in the Crystal Palace/W Norwood area and logged onto Mumsnet ages ago. My first visit to the site in a while.
The Salavation Army in Crystal Palace run a baby/toddler group on a Wed and Thurs morning (10-12) - it's very good (includes a baby area). If your meet-up includes toddlers let me know (my DD's 2) as I'd be interested in joining. Enjoy your maternity leave.

Holymoly321 Fri 11-Nov-05 09:41:24

Hi Non25, as far as I'm concerned, everyone is welcome! I'll def look into the group in Crystal Palace. In the meantime, I suggest the meet-up for a week on Wednesday - so that would be *Wednesday 23nd Nov* - gives everyone a chance to have logged on and seen the date! How about the cafe at *Hornimans park - 10am*? I only say 10am as this is the time that most baby groups start in the mornings so I'm assuming that most mums and babies are up and at'em at this time! Let me know if you're all up for it!

Belo Fri 11-Nov-05 12:56:07

23/11 is good for me. dd1 will be at nursery, so it will just be dd2.

Holymoly321 Fri 11-Nov-05 17:37:10

That's great Belo - look forward to meeting you and the little one. Anyone else? Non25, can you make that date?

Holymoly321 Mon 14-Nov-05 11:09:03

Hi all, just wanted to bump this up the list for anyone who has missed it and would like to come along to the meet -up at Hornimans Park Cafe

Holymoly321 Mon 14-Nov-05 19:05:30


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