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Eastbourne meet up

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lowrib Fri 29-Oct-10 00:43:36

Come on you lot - Netmums is winning! We can't have this wink

I tried really hard to arrange an Eastbourne meet up in the summer but it came to nothing. In desperation I defected to netmums in search of actual RL human beings! (We've just moved and know no one here.)

The result - I've met some lovely mums and little ones through Netmums. I also go to the Mnet Brighton meet-ups, which are great.

But it would be really nice to get a group going in Eastbourne.


ESussex Sat 30-Oct-10 10:20:36

Hi Lowrib,

Ive been trying to find some groups around the area and theres not a lot about! Im a nanny in Bexhill (Please dont let the 'nanny' bit put you off ) I would really like to meet a few mums/nannies as im new to the area and dont know many people. So it would be really nice to get together with a group!!

lowrib Sun 31-Oct-10 13:31:47

Hi ESussex, I used to nanny myself, a while back.
How old are the DCs you look after?

ESussex Thu 04-Nov-10 17:56:03


Thats great!

I look after 2 of 8months and 6, mainly the little one as the eldest is a school.

How old are your children? Similar?

Where abouts are you from?

lowrib Sun 21-Nov-10 14:27:10

Oh, sorry I missed your reply! This must be one of the slowest moving conversations on mnet grin

My little one's nearly 2. We're in Eastbourne, but originally from London. Shall we take the plunge and try to arrange a meet-up and hope that some others might come too?!

Lucyhanco Wed 24-Nov-10 22:36:34

Would love to meet up. My daughter is 10 months and walking and would like some company to do some active things

lowrib Fri 26-Nov-10 13:37:39

Hi Lucyhanco smile

Brilliant, let's arrange something and you never know, maybe we'll get a few more coming too.

Next week's no good for me, what about the following one, how about Wednesday 8th maybe?

Did you have anything in mind?

Have you discovered the cafe by the tennis courts in Gildridge Park yet? It's my current favourite, it's great! They have loads of toys for the DCs - and usually lots of other kids to play with, good food & coffee, and great cake grin

That'd be my vote anyway, but I'm very happy to do something else if it suits you better.

What do you think?

MABS Sun 28-Nov-10 09:49:37

why don't you all come with lowrib to out Brighton meet up next Saturday? have a look at the thread. i am west sussex myself, and others come from worthing ,crawley ,eastbourne etc

lowrib Sun 28-Nov-10 12:04:02

Brilliant idea MABS! The Brighton meets are really fun. (What you doing over here in Eastbourne BTW, thought you were in Oz?! wink)

I'm still really keen to meet up in Eastbourne with the DCs in tow - if anyone's up for it, please let me know.

But also if any of you fancy coming out for a child-free lunch in Brighton (with wine mmm!) why not come along with me next Saturday like MABs suggests. The Brighton girls are a great bunch, I've always enjoyed spending time with them.

I'm going by train from Eastbourne, I'd be happy to meet at the station if anyone fancies travelling over together?

Brighton thread here

Lucyhanco Tue 11-Jan-11 19:03:15

Sorry haven't logged on for ages and just seen your post. Yes I am a regular at the tennis cafe at least twice a week in the winter and daily in the summer and also play tennis there (Gemma knows me and Scarlett well). Happy for you to contact me directly @ as probably easier for me.
We are out and about every day and just got our Drusillas membership so looking for people to make friends with as I am from London originally too.
Looking forward to hearing from you

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