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mumtobabyH Thu 28-Oct-10 08:40:13

It looks like we will be moving to Sevenoaks quicker than I originally thought....!

I am a SAHM(hate abbreviations!) have two sons, one 5 months and one 3 years old and would welcome advice on where to live (we will be renting in the short term), best state schools, toddler groups etc. and would love to meet any other new to Sevenoaks mums... Also, if anybody can recommend any good Montessori nurseries in the area.

Phew, lots of questions!

We're currently in Greenwich and I've loved it so feeling a little nervous!

NarcolepsyQueen Wed 12-Jan-11 10:36:46

Hi there mumtobabyH

Are you still planning on moving to Sevenoaks?

mumtobabyH Mon 31-Jan-11 22:19:18

Yes, well, yes we have moved! We have been here for two weeks and I am still getting my bearings. Do you live in Sevenoaks? x

MarathonMama Wed 16-Mar-11 20:55:37

Hi, I live in Sevenoaks. The best state schools (non-religious) are Riverhead Infants and Amherst Juniors. The best church schools are Lady Boswells (CoE) and St Thomas' (Catholic). All are hard to get into I'm afraid but there are also lots of good independent schools if you're willing to pay.

My DC went to Broughton Cottage Montessori nursery, it's about 5-10 mins drive from Sevenoaks, depending on where you live. It's very small and has a long waiting list but I would recommend it. It also has a sister nursery called Longacre in Otford (10 mins away) but I'm not sure if that's Montessori.

Other good nurseries are Acorns and Squiggles, Teddies isn't rated, and I didn't like it when we went to see it, but there isn't much of a waiting list if you need something soon.

MrsArmitageQOTR Tue 22-Mar-11 22:36:27

Hi mummytobabyH
I've just moved to Sevenoaks from Lewisham with 12 month old son. Have you found any good baby groups? How are you finding Sevenoaks?

mumtobabyH Thu 24-Mar-11 19:09:12

Hi there, How are you finding Sevenoaks? Where are you living? We have settled in well; there is a lot going on it is just finding time to fit it all in. The best music group I have been to is Musical Bumps. I have not yet been to any playgroups as my son is not yet crawling so I am enjoying the peace and quiet whilst I can. x

MrsArmitageQOTR Fri 01-Apr-11 11:16:11

Hi. Thanks for replying. We have been taking it easy after moving but I'm determined to make it to some activities next week! I avoided having my week planned out previously but I had friends nearby, I'll have to make more of an effort here.
Musical bumps looks good, the class at Riverhead is nearby (I'm Bessels Way) might give it a go, thanks.
Sevenoaks seems great so far. Encouraging to hear you've settled well.

elk4baby Tue 31-May-11 21:17:33

Hi all, we're about to move to Sevenoaks (10 days smile) from Greenwich. I have two little boys - 4mths & 2yrs. It'd be really nice to meet some local mums and to find good playgroups and playgrounds (the toddler demands swings! smile).

Any regular meet-ups for mums w/toddlers & babies?

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