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North West London meet up

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kayleigh Thu 14-Aug-03 18:25:10

Lisalisa and i are meeting up with our little ones for the first time on Tuesday 9th September in Golders Hill Park (Golders Green) by the sandpit at 10:30 am. If it's raining venue will be the cafeteria by the pond.
It would be great if we could get a few more mumsnetters to join us.

kayleigh Thu 04-Sep-03 11:36:54

Anybody else interested ?
Lisalisa is on maternity leave without access to a computer so she can't let me know if she can't make it. If no-one else comes I could well be on my own

Juno Thu 04-Sep-03 17:26:24

Hi Kayleigh

I live in Wembley Park, so could get a bus over to meet up - my ds is 20 months. Would that be OK? Where exactly is the park from the bus station?

kayleigh Mon 08-Sep-03 18:53:44

Juno, so sorry - have just seen your post. Had given up on anyone else posting on this thread !Hope you see this in time and can still make it tomorrow. Park is a 6 or 7 minute walk from Golders Green bus station. Anyone can probably point you in right direction. Will check again later to see if you've got this message.
Would be great to meet you.

dot1 Tue 09-Sep-03 13:49:37

Hi Kayleigh - it's Dot here (Juno's partner!). Sorry we didn't get the message - we can only log on at work, so I checked yesterday during the day but Juno didn't see your message in time.

She says to say sorry, but another time would be great - although we're moving to Manchester in 5 weeks time....

Anyway, I'm sure Juno will be in touch, but just wanted to say sorry she missed you!

kayleigh Tue 09-Sep-03 13:52:11

Well I went and I was own my own. But the sun was shining my ds2 had a great time playing in the sandpit so we had a fun time anyway.

Juno, if you want to meet up another time let me know.

Lisalisa, i know if you couldn't make it you'd have had a good reason and I hope we can try again once you're back off maternity leave and have a computer to hand.

kayleigh Tue 09-Sep-03 13:53:11

Hi dot1. We crossed! tell Juno to contact me and maybe we can get together before you move.

baukjen Wed 05-Nov-03 23:17:38

I've just moved to NW3, am pregnant for 2nd time, hardly know anyone in the area, so if you live in NW3, pls drop me an email on

Janstar Wed 05-Nov-03 23:42:20

Hi, Baukjen, I'm not in your area, I'm in Herts, but I come up to NW2 on the train to meet friends sometimes. Where is NW3?

Davros Fri 14-Nov-03 22:48:11

HI! I'm in NW3. I've lived here for about 10 years and the rest of my 43 years in other parts of London. I know lots of people here and ways to meet other mums. I've got an 8 month old (and 8 year old autistic boy). Let me know if you want to get in touch on MN first as I've had a lot of internet probs recently. We can then try off-list if you want. Its a great area to live Where have you moved from and how long did you live in the previous place?

Janstar Fri 14-Nov-03 23:52:50

Is NW3 in the Hampstead area somewhere? I sued to live in Crickelwood and sometimes I am in that area to visit people.

maomao Sat 15-Nov-03 20:07:27

Hi all,

I've been away due to a dead computer, but now am back, and I also live in NW3. Just came here from the States this summer, so unfortunately, I don't really know anyone here except for sofiaames!

Oh, and Davros, I've yet to go to the Engineer, but plan to some day!

Davros Mon 17-Nov-03 23:49:07

kayleigh and maomao, have either of you thought of joining the Hampstead WOmen's Club? Sounds naff but its a nice supportive group of (mostly) ex-pats. They do cultural trips, run mother and baby gropus, have a book club etc. I am a member although I'm English. The website doesn't seem to be working but I'll dig out a newsletter and check it. You might find it too much of an American community if you're here for "the English experience" but it could be worth a go, everyone I've met is very nice I'll post tomorrow with some info and try to email you direct kayleigh. Maybe we should have a mini NW3 meet up?

maomao Tue 18-Nov-03 08:12:39

kayleigh, are you in Hampstead?

Davros, I'd heard about the HWC and then forgot about it. Thanks for refreshing my memory! If you don't mind, may I email you about Makaton? (I think I read somewhere that was something that you've been doing.)

Oh, kayleigh, here's the HWC contact info:

Mabel Lee ( phone: 020-7433-3845

I'd certainly be up for a mini-meet!

Davros Tue 18-Nov-03 09:08:49

Yeah Maomao, email me about Makaton if you want, I just put an answer on the thread too. How about meeting up sometime next week or the week after? I can't do Monday either week though. I'm in Belsize Park, very near the tube stn where are you Kayleigh and Maomao?

maomao Tue 18-Nov-03 09:38:36

I'm near the Heath. Anytime is open for me, really. Davros, thanks for posting on my Makaton thread!

Davros Fri 28-Nov-03 11:55:35

Dear NorthWesters, just to let you all know that we NW3ers had a wondeful meet up this week. Ok, so it was only 2 of us but we had a nice time! If anyone wants to come to NW3 the week after next, please post here. Baukjen, will let you know about it anyway, hope you are managing with the work load.

kayleigh Wed 03-Dec-03 11:09:02

Hello, have just seen your messages. I'm not in NW3 I live in Barnet. But it's only a 20 minute drive to Golders Green and am often in Brent X which is why I agreed to meet Lisalisa in Golders Hill Park.
Would love to meet up sometime but with work and Xmas preparations bit difficult at moment. If you post on here when you are meeting will try and make one soon.

ChocolateFish Tue 26-Oct-04 14:30:25

Are there any mother & baby meetings in North-West London?
I am writing regarding my daughter-in-law, she is 24yrs old, my granddaughter is 10 months old, at the moment they are living with me, hoping to move into their own flat soon. My daughter-in-law is russian, her english is very good.
It would be so nice if she could meet other mums and children, I fear she may be a bit isolated at the moment, but I do not wish to interfere.
All the best everyone - Claudine

Katerina Tue 16-Nov-04 08:35:19

Hi! I am Russian too. I am 26, have a son of 20 months and another one of 2 months. We live in NW3. It would be a pleasure to get in touch with your daughter-in-law, as our children are of quite close age.

babyburps Fri 15-Apr-05 23:56:40

chocolatefish check out, they've got quite detailed lists of mother and baby activities in your local areas. hope that helps

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