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BRIGHTON Christmas meet up

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2shoes Sun 10-Oct-10 10:57:45

date needed
Mabs and I can't do 11th December.
can I suggest 4th December or 18th December

shortandsweet2 Sun 10-Oct-10 11:42:56

I'm not sure I can make any date in Dec.

Tortington Sun 10-Oct-10 12:30:31

im not bothered.

i promise not to be :

a) ill
b) swindled whilst buying a car
c) in a car crash

short and sweet, not seen you for ages, would be good to see you

2shoes Sun 10-Oct-10 12:42:30

we can have a christmas one and then a new year one for anyone who can't make the christmas one lol

Tortington Sun 10-Oct-10 13:20:55

then a 'celebrate the january sales' one

and a 'february is a short month one'

Tortington Sun 10-Oct-10 13:21:43

i vaguely recollect that rhubarb said that she might come down for a xmas visit and come along to a brioghton mn meet, so hurry and get a date so i can twist her arm

SirBoobAlot Sun 10-Oct-10 14:20:15

Any date is good for me - where do we fancy going?

MABS Sun 10-Oct-10 15:29:43

4 or 18th good with me x

2shoes Sun 10-Oct-10 17:56:24

so how about the 4th, that way not to close to crimbo?

shortandsweet2 Sun 10-Oct-10 18:31:49

Custy it has been aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss! !

Must catch up soon!!!

Sorry about not being able to meet for the Christmas do but will be in London on the 18th and the 4th I have another party to go too.

Will deffo be up for a new year one xxx

MABS Sun 10-Oct-10 19:35:30

4th good for me x

Tortington Sun 10-Oct-10 22:22:20

4th sounds great - will send rhubs a message

2shoes Sun 10-Oct-10 22:23:17

would be lovely to meet her.

so 4th December
at 1.30

so where ?

Tortington Sun 10-Oct-10 22:39:38

chilli pickle been hearing good things about this curry place. might be a bit overprices - what does everyone think?

2shoes Sun 10-Oct-10 22:57:34

I have to admit to not being keen of curries when out, espicially after the horrible Thai place we went to for last xmas meet up(year befor last)

Tortington Sun 10-Oct-10 22:59:24

i dont like thai.

i like curries though - dontcha like curries girl? you cant get more british than a good curry

2shoes Sun 10-Oct-10 23:04:24

I don't mind curries, but wouldn't choose to have one lol
but I will go with the Margery

Tortington Sun 10-Oct-10 23:21:58

oh no, if you dont want to lets not.

thats me shit out of suggestions though!

MABS Mon 11-Oct-10 08:52:07

i eat everything so am easy, what other types of food do people like and i will give it some thought?

Tortington Mon 11-Oct-10 12:12:20

not thai or seafood - after that i'll give owt a go.

rhubarb said to pencil her in! fabulozo

MABS Mon 11-Oct-10 14:15:57

would LOVE to meet Rhubarb, would be fab x

2shoes Mon 11-Oct-10 15:12:49

yay, I hope she can make it
I am wracking my brain

MABS Mon 11-Oct-10 17:10:18

Anyone like tapas? Casa don Carlos is great. Jamies is good for Italian as is Carluccio. Chinese is good at Gars.

Myhotel has a good restaurant, more English type, think it called Table. Cafe Rouge is ok for French. Fishy fishy is great....for fish! love Due South too for englishy type stuff.

I really eat all, so will go with majority.

Or we could do a cheapish Italian, after all it's the company that matters!

Tortington Mon 11-Oct-10 22:12:11

ok i vote for an Italian we haven't been to before.

2shoes Mon 11-Oct-10 22:13:06

i love italian, always a variety, but I don't know places

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