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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

*****the BIG CHRISTMAS MN MEET. details and sign up HERE *******

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Gigantaur Fri 13-Aug-10 18:11:27

I know you are all very excited and i am now pleased to announce that the MN Christmas party has been booked.

it will be held at the Hat and Tun PUB

on 27th November 7:30 - about 1am.

Food is supplied by way of platters of various delicious buffet delights.

tickets are £20 which is payable by paypal to

if you have any issues or question you don't wish to ask here then feel free to email me at that address.

everyone is welcome no matter if you are oldie newbie or moldie.
The more the merrier.

TheLadyOfTheGreenKirtle Fri 13-Aug-10 18:19:41

am definately coming,, but can i paypal you the cash in a couple of weeks please? dh has a stag do next weekend and its skinted us out a lot bit!

Tortington Fri 13-Aug-10 18:21:15

yes yes i will be coming

sarah293 Fri 13-Aug-10 18:22:49

Message withdrawn

VinegarTits Fri 13-Aug-10 18:36:37

Me and Bella are coming, will wait till she comes back off her happy holidays so we can book a hotel then i will send payment

Excited? just a bit grin

roundthebend4 Fri 13-Aug-10 19:57:08

ok i sent you paypal for my ticket , now i hope someoones goin g to hold my hand , can anyone recommend hotel please

Katyathegringa Fri 13-Aug-10 20:12:43

I am def coming - will paypal shortly.

To those of you that are travelling in for the do - I can put up 1, maybe 2 at a push (I live in North London (Zone 2)).

Gigantaur Fri 13-Aug-10 20:27:05

Payment recieved from roundthebend4 grin

of course you will have peopl to hold your hand.

roundthebend4 Fri 13-Aug-10 20:33:54

yay glad it got there , asap so then no , am going try see if can stay at friends persueade him let me pass out sleep on his couch if not will book hotel asap

AnnieLobeseder Fri 13-Aug-10 21:15:03

I'll be there, will pay soon when DH's wages come in (he gets paid a week before me).

Anyone thinking about hotels? Maybe if we did a block booking we could get a good rate and party until the sun comes up!

northernmonkey Fri 13-Aug-10 21:18:35

I'll pay for me tommorow morning. Just need to sort out a hotel/b&b aswell
Oh and plenty of vino to help me relax <<and thats just in the morning when i pay grin>>

roundthebend4 Fri 13-Aug-10 21:23:04

sounds good to me Annie wonde rif yha do where can take over whole building , lol then can carry on partying

Rockbird Fri 13-Aug-10 21:28:58

Oh God my annual dilemma...

toccatanfudge Fri 13-Aug-10 21:32:38

oh no - I can't go again sad - it's DS2's birthday

I was so hoping to make it this year after stupid twatish things happening in previous years to stop me

Valpollicella Fri 13-Aug-10 21:38:56

I'm there!

But I don't have paypal...Can I pay by bank transfer to someone who can pass it on?

Will be able to pay next week before Weds

JaMmRocks Fri 13-Aug-10 21:41:41

I want to come! Will pay once I've remembered how to log in to my paypal account

IwishIwasmoreorganised Fri 13-Aug-10 21:44:25

It's the weekend of DH's birthday so I'm not going to be able to come - I would really love to meet some real live MN'ers one day though!

northernmonkey Fri 13-Aug-10 21:47:36

Can anyone recomend any hotels/ b&b close by
As long as its stumbling walking distance

5inthebed Fri 13-Aug-10 21:55:14

I can't go, it's too near DS3's birthday, and too far away in London

Valpollicella Fri 13-Aug-10 22:06:24

I can look up hotels etc next week - happy to do so.

If you need accomodation please email me val dot pollicella at yahoo

Gigantaur Fri 13-Aug-10 22:15:28

woohooo to all that are coming, sad about those who can't.

Hopefully some of the people that stayed last year will be on to let us know where they went and whether it was any good.

Gigantaur Fri 13-Aug-10 22:31:01


if you are considering booking a room, do ppost here first as there will undoubtedly be someone willing to share and cut the cost with you

AnnieLobeseder Fri 13-Aug-10 22:46:22

I'd only want to stay over if there were a big bunch of us doing it together (no naughty implications intended wink), cos if it was just to leave the party and go alone to bed I might as well go home!

JaMmRocks Fri 13-Aug-10 22:46:33

ok I've managed to log into paypal - before I send the money, do I need to mark it as anything special to avoid fees etc? <paypal dunce>

Valpollicella Fri 13-Aug-10 22:50:28

Doubt you'll be the only on stayong over by a LONG shot Annie

Hell I may even stay over and I live in London grin

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