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BBC Radio 4: Do you know someone who is turning 10 soon?

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NiamhMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 13-Aug-19 11:31:38

Hello everyone,

We have been contacted by Hannah Marshall who is producing a documentary for BBC Radio 4. This is what she said:

"Do you know someone who is turning 10 soon?

I'm producing a documentary for BBC Radio 4 about anniversaries, and why they're so important. One of the things we're looking at is why people love round numbers.

We'd like to record at a 10th birthday party and ask the guests why turning 10 is so important.

The party needs to be taking place by mid-September, and be reachable within about 90 minutes' travel from London. The recording would be brief, and we wouldn't bring a big crew or lots of kit - just a single producer, with a small handheld recorder."

If you are interested please contact Hannah at:

We don't have any more details about this and this thread won’t necessarily be monitored, so do please contact Hannah directly with any queries.


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