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iNews - cuts to schools and SEND provision.

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NiamhMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 23-Jul-19 14:11:48

Hello everyone,

We have been contacted by Helen who is writing a piece for iNews. This is what she said:

"I''m a freelance journalist writing something for on cuts to schools and the knock-on effect on SEND provision.

I’m especially interested in cases where children have been forced to be home-schooled, or receive just English and maths from the council at home, due to the long distances to the nearest available specialist school or inadequate SEND provision at local mainstream school.

Has this happened to your family? I’m looking for case studies for the article to highlight the issue, it will be a personal story-led feature (news story here). It would be an over the phone interview and you could be anonymous in print if you wish.

I am hoping to write this during the summer holidays if you are available in the next two weeks that would be ideal. There is some flexibility on timings though.

Thanks very much."

If you are interested, please email Helen at

We don't have any more details about this and this thread won’t necessarily be monitored, so do please contact Helen directly with any queries.


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