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The Sunday Times - Netball kit prices

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NiamhMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 17-Jul-19 15:39:22

Hello everyone,

We have been contacted by The Sunday Times. This is what they said:

"With all the anticipation of the Netball Semi-finals approaching this weekend, and with an ever growing amount of little fans wanting to show their support - by sporting the England Roses' signature red team tank top - we wondered if any mums were deterred, shocked or angered even by the price tag of £58.50.

Send your views, grumbles or complaints our way. We are keen to hear the views from the parents/grandparents of younger fans who think it's a high price to pay to support the team. This is for a potential story/quoting in The Sunday Times and would need a response before or by Friday afternoon.

Please contact me directly on, 0207 782 5689 or "

We don't have any more details about this and this thread won’t necessarily be monitored, so do please contact The Sunday Times directly with any queries.


DonPablo Wed 17-Jul-19 15:41:41

I can't hate on netball! Have you seen how much an England football kit is?

DonPablo Wed 17-Jul-19 15:44:21

Or an England cricket shirt?

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