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Sky News media request- filming in South London.

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NiamhMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 11-Jun-19 16:35:09

Hello everyone,

We have been contacted by Alex Marshall from Sky News UK

"I’m a digital journalist doing a YouTube piece on whether children make you happy.

Recent research found the happiest group of people are single, child-free women so I’d love to speak to a few young mums who disagree with that, who value the impact their children have had on their lives.

I’d like to do some filming with them at a café in south London, ideally this Friday morning or next week.

I’m on 07709471296 or"

We don't have any more details about this and this thread won’t necessarily be monitored, so do please contact Alex directly with any queries or if you're interested in taking part.


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