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Take A Break feature on energy drinks

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ClaireTMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 22-Feb-18 11:47:46


We've had a request from Take A Break magazine. They're looking to talk to parents whose children (under 16) were addicted to energy drinks or who feel that energy drinks had a negative impact impact on their children.

It doesn’t have to be the extreme end of the scale, but if they feel their child was drinking too many and/or drinking energy drinks has had a negative impact on their behavior, mood, education, health etc then the magazine would I’d love to hear from them.

This is for a report in Take a Break magazine, following on from Jamie Oliver’s campaign to ban sales of energy drinks to under-16s. We would be able to pay a fee if printed.

If you're interested in taking part or would like more infortmation, please email Hannah at or call 0203 879 2627.

We at MNHQ don't have any further details about this and Hannahwon't necessarily be monitoring this thread, so if you have any questions please contact Hannah directly.

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