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NOW CLOSED* MNHQ here - media request: starting your own business? * NOW CLOSED

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JaneMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 12-Jan-18 13:05:28



We have a radio (and potential TV) opportunity for a woman who wants to start her own business or has already done so, and has used (or plans to use) Mumsnet to discuss it with others in the same boat.

If that sounds like you, please post on the thread or contact - and we can tell you more.

Many thanks,


happygalah Sat 13-Jan-18 17:10:25

I am planning to start a bilingual Arabic English Nursery School starting in September 2018, so that 3&4 year olds can start to learn to speak read write both English and Arabic. The advantage of this age group is that they are acquiring language developmentally and I want to provide a pleurolistic model to be rolled out using current theories of bilingualism.
I am planning to share this on Mumsnet and have a list of questions I want help answering.
I am getting everything together so that I ask sensible questions from people - not wasting their time or asking muddled questions.
Would this be of interest?

something2say Sun 14-Jan-18 11:49:02


I'm sort of in this boat.....

I'm 43, child free and single. I worked for charities for years and then condensed everything I learned into a book, Purple Dragon Mother; Healing from Child Abuse, which is available on Amazon. I also advertised it on mumsnet in the paid section, small biz.

Behind and on the back of my book, I have a Purple Dragon Mother twitter feed, which I was not allowed when I was doing live risk work due to the risks it could pose to myself and my clients, but when I finished charity work and got a new job, I was then able to start an online profile, so that's going strong...

I also launched a blog,, which I posted about on mumsnet.

What I do at the moment with that is support strangers who wish to heal from child abuse. I write on the way it feels to have to heal and the nitty gritty issues it presents. I visit groups and give talks, I do one to one work with people in various situations and I'm planning on visiting prisons to talk to any inmates who have been abused.

I was abused myself as well you see, and this is part of my own journey. I didn't know what I wanted to be and fell into IT. Then I chose to go onto charity to help others like myself, where I spent most of my career, but it was always scratching at the issue of child abuse and there came a time when I just wanted to set that down. I've been a musician in my spare time all my life and that's where my heart lies.

So, aside from my Purple Dragon Mother business, i am now jacking in my day job, renting out my flat and moving to the country where I plan to write novels, play the guitar to a much higher standard and work part time while I bring those three things off the ground.

Any use to you as a story?

Twirlstwirlstwirls Thu 18-Jan-18 14:26:05


Yup - you're describing me...

I didn't return to my job after maternity leave when they offered me 4 days a week but I only had childcare for 3. So I turned to Mumsnet for support, set up as a sole-trader and have used the work discussion boards a few times to build confidence, find support and hang out with others in the same boat!

I even found some part time work on the Mumsnet job site to compliment what I was doing, very happy to talk more about it.


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