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BBC Victoria Derbyshire media request: experiences of health anxiety

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FinnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 10-Jan-17 15:59:38


We've had a request for case studies from Mike Cowan, a producer on BBC2's Victoria Derbyshire programme.

Mike is currently working on a film which will aim to take an authoritative and informative look at health anxiety, on the back of anecdotal evidence that the debilitating condition is on the rise in Britain and around the world. The film will feature current and former sufferers as well as experts in the field, and will follow groundbreaking trial developments in treatment.

Mike would therefore be really interested to hear from anyone willing to keep a video diary for one month, to document the reality of living with health anxiety.

If you're interested in sharing your experiences, please feel free to email Mike at We at MNHQ don't have any further details about this, and Mike won't necessarily be monitoring the thread, so if you have any questions please do contact him directly.


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