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BBC Like That media request: uplifting, surprising and quirky stories

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FinnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 18-Nov-16 15:54:45


We've had a request for case studies from Lucy Hancock, who works on digital current affairs at the BBC.

Lucy is working on a new BBC Facebook page, 'Like That', which is primarily aimed at women aged under 35.

Lucy is looking for women to share uplifting, surprising or quirky stories about themselves with her. She gives this video as an example of the kind of thing they're aiming for -- namely because it's surprising, has a strong character at its heart, and is relatable for a younger female audience.

Lucy is on the lookout for stories of this kind, and would love to hear from anyone who's interested in sharing theirs. She isn't working to a particular deadline, so if you'd like to contribute, feel free to get in touch with her at or on 07891133971.

We at MNHQ don't have any further details about this and Lucy won't necessarily be monitoring the thread, so if you have any questions please do contact him directly.


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