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Grazia Magazine media request: last-minute wedding preparation that seems a bit OTT in retrospect

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SallyRoseMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 24-May-16 17:46:57


We've had a request for case study participants from Grazia magazine.

They're writing a feature about last minute wedding preparation/planning that, in retrospect, the bride and groom have come to see as a bit crazy.

They are looking for brides and grooms to share funny anecdotes. You'll need to email the journalist with some details, plus photos from your big day.

If you'd like to share your experience with Grazia or have any questions about the article, please contact eimearohaganfreelance@gmail.com direct.

We at MNHQ don't have any further details about this and Eimear won't necessarily be monitoring this thread, so if you have any questions about the article please contact the journalist directly. (If you have any comments or observations for MNHQ, do please fire away and report your post so that our press team will be shown it!)


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