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Heartlands High School 5th Choice 2015 - NOT a Disaster

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parsonage08 Tue 01-Mar-16 11:15:00

Hiya all - Just wanted to be voice of reassurance. Went through Offer Day last year (2015) and got Heartlands School, Wood Green (5th 'choice'). Had desperately wanted APS, or Fortismere - or anywhere but flipping Heartlands. Major disaster. Accepted but high hopes of waiting list and also did Appeal alongside John Chard (Schools Appeals). Got nowhere. We did drop on waiting list from 20 to 7 in September 2016 but Son went to Heartlands. Actual experience has been very positive. It is a school that has many disadvantaged kids BUT they are on an absolute mission to turn those kids around. Super high levels of value add. Very good Maths, English, languages, drama and art. Art assessed as best department in Haringey. Led by Glasgow School of Art grad who is shaking it up. Super high expectations of everyone. Top sets really pushed AND very supportive excellent pastoral care. The top groups do get A*'s and are going on to high performing 6th forms. Zero bullying and really happy kids - genuinely. Quality of teachers is on average great. Think whole staff team just want to 'kick ass'. Ofsted came in just before Spring 2016 half-term. High chance they'll give it an outstanding. Pretty sure in 5 years it will be the APS of today. So... if you don't get the best news I promise it is not a disaster, particularly if you get Heartlands.

susannah32 Wed 30-Mar-16 14:52:22

Hi there,

Thanks for this. Just out of interest, how close did you live to APS and Fortismere? i only ask because i'm house hunting at present!

I'm glad your son is enjoying it there. I worry tremendously about bullying (as i was) so good to hear they take it seriously.

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