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SFisnotsimple Wed 17-Nov-21 14:42:43

I'm in my 50s and pondering my future as I'll likely have an empty nest in a couple of years time.

I've always wanted to get an undergraduate degree - I went straight from O levels into a YTS (soooo old!!!) and then career. In my early 30s my organisation paid for me to a Postgraduate Diploma related to my job.

This seems to be something of an issue now if I want a loan from student finance to study an undergraduate degree, as I hold a Pg qualification.

I tried calling student finance but don't think they understood. The undergraduate degree I likely do is completely unconnected to the Pg Diploma I hold. As it's a Diploma only does it even "count" as a Pg thing?

Anyone any experience of this? I'd likely want to study part time so I can keep working part time and wouldn't qualify for any maintenance loans or similar - it's just for tuition fees. Not sure if I want OU or a local uni.

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SFisnotsimple Sat 27-Nov-21 18:49:15


Just saying hi because I did a sociology masters without prior study.
I found it totally fine honestly.
My certificate came in the post yesterday.

I'm 6 months into a phd now and marking essays for undergraduate sociology students.
Nobody asks whether I have a BSc! (Obviously it's on my cv).
Students are more interested in what I worked on for my dissertation

@SuperLoudPoppingAction wow! Do you have an undergraduate degree in another subject?

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SuperLoudPoppingAction Sat 27-Nov-21 19:06:40

I did...
But I couldn't find the transcript so they admitted me on the basis of my performance in a 20 credit module I did as cpd the year before.

SFisnotsimple Fri 21-Jan-22 16:34:16


How about this as a plan? You could do this module as a stand alone online:
ink{\]]y} (links to Psychological and sociological causes of crime module which can be studied on its own and is at PG level.)

You could pay yourself (don't know how much but they're quite cheap), and use the module as entry to a Sociology based Masters next year (most unis would accept stand alone credit as demonstrating you're up to it) which you could then finance through the Masters loan.

@titchy I investigated this as looked like a really good option but just one module is over £2,000!

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