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MasterSensei Fri 26-Oct-18 14:16:43

Recently I've had an amazing opportunity present itself I've been given the chance to run part of a local business. It's something that is far more flexible should bring in more money I know I'll love doing it and I'll get to spend a lot more time at home.

Only problem is I have absolutely no idea how to run a business, I'd be setting up in a new area from scratch. I know I'll be fine running it it's more the financial side of it.

Is there anyone who was in a similar situation when they started their business, any tips? Anything I might not have thought of?

sasparilla1 Fri 26-Oct-18 16:51:19

What do you mean by the financial side? Do you need to raise funds or is the actual accounts side?

I have a cash flow spreadsheet that I find invaluable. I could use my accounts package, but I prefer my spreadsheet as I can shunt figures around etc.

BellaNgo Tue 11-Dec-18 11:35:21

Hi @MasterSensei, first off, congratulations!

I would suggest figuring out the areas in which you need guidance/support and speak to the team to see if any of these skill sets/knowledge can be shared.

I would also suggest enrolling yourself in an Incubator programme where they teach you the basis of entrepreneurship : how to validate new ideas and launch them.

Alternatively, I highly suggest to check out - it’s a website full of short courses taught by professionals. If you have identief the areas you want to learn, Lynda can help you do the rest smile.


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