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Starting Keto Diet tomorrow

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JustMoved123 Sun 21-Jun-20 05:46:31

Hi, I’ve not tried Keto before so any advice welcome.

Anyone else just starting out, we could support each other.

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Turkeydrumstick Sun 05-Jul-20 09:22:21

@KetoWinnie that’s an amazing loss well done!

It’s fantastic to be on a diet that’s working! I’ve lost 4lbs this week so I am 12 stone 9- 1 stone 4 to get to my healthy BMI. I’m shopping for my wedding dress 4 weeks on Saturday, if I could be 12 stone or under by then I’d be over the moon!

This post is really helping me- the tips and comments have been so useful!

KetoWinnie Sun 05-Jul-20 09:41:17

Thanks everybody!
@wildthingsinthenight i feel like the keto queen now 🤣 or would that be a quito queen.

KetoWinnie Sun 05-Jul-20 09:43:05

@Turkeydrumstick oh wow, that is motivation. Better get a dress that can be taken in! When is The Day itself

Turkeydrumstick Sun 05-Jul-20 10:10:34

@KetoWinnie it’s not until next June so plenty of time (hopefully for adjustments!). Hopefully keto will just keep chipping away!

KetoPenguin Sun 05-Jul-20 10:22:24

Yay for your weight loss @KetoWinnie sounds like you are doing great now! I think you should call it Keto kween rather than Quito queen though!

daisychicken Sun 05-Jul-20 17:08:14

Congratulations KetoWinnie! It is difficult when weight stays static despite the attention to diet so well done for not giving up!

lardass88 Mon 06-Jul-20 09:18:43

First week weigh in. 4lb off. Which is good smile however I weighed myself on Friday and it was showing a 6lb loss so bit disappointed in that way. But a loss is a loss I guess x

justgoingforanap Mon 06-Jul-20 09:28:17

2lb loss for me! Not a huge amount but I'm happy to lose slow and steady (and I haven't been totally Keto, just low carb and not counting calories etc).
Well done @lardass88 and @KetoWinnie smile

Turkeydrumstick Mon 06-Jul-20 09:58:56

Well done everyone! A loss is a loss and it looks like we are all moving in the right direction.

Has anyone watched ‘that sugar film’? Watched it last night and I was quite shocked by it but it made so much sense! (A guy who eats a sugar free diet tries to eat the average American daily consumption of sugar using only items advertised as low fat or healthy and monitors the effect on his body).

KetoWinnie Mon 06-Jul-20 10:08:10

All going in the right direction!

My daughter made brownies last night and they're not tempting me as badly as they did the last time she made them.

@justgoingforanap I want to move over to low carb in time. Not sure how much longer i'll do keto for but I love vegetables and I think if I can lose the weight then I'll maintain with low carb. I want to be able to eat a few more vegetables but I need to know if there's any science I should be aware of, eg, if you're NOT in ketosis, are there any repercussions to a high (er) fat diet than your body has been used to over the last 50 odd years !!

I think i might buy ivor cummins book eat rich live long the keto low carb spectrum, i like the idea of it not being all bets off take your coat and go home the moment you're not in ketosis.

Most reviewers LOVE it but some complain it's got too much science, but I really want to be reassured that low carb will work after Keto.

There's so much on the internet and you can get so much science if you're researching ketosis, insulin resistance, insulin sensitivity, diabetes, blood sugar, glucogen etc...

But there's less of a scientific hand hold for moving from keto to low carb.

KetoWinnie Mon 06-Jul-20 10:09:28

this is the book I want, i like the way it's described as a spectrum

KetoWinnie Mon 06-Jul-20 10:17:08

@Turkeydrumstick I will look out for that film. I love that kind of thing. Is it on netflix

I was watching something random on youtube recently about this Irish GAA player whose father had had a heart attack at 50 (he was thin and sporty) and so in his mid-forties, he went deep dive in to the science. He didn't want to go the same way as his 'healthy' father. This was about 8 years ago, before most people had heard of Keto and the reactions he gets when he's wandering around cheese markets asking for a cheese. The seller says ''this one is the healthiest it's low fat''' and he says ''i'll take the other one so''. It was interesting. I know that 8 years ago I still totally bought in to the low fat is better, fat makes you fat beliefs.

I want to read robert lustig's book (or listen to it on audible). It's sad. It was all in there and he was silenced.

justgoingforanap Mon 06-Jul-20 11:52:18

KetoWinnie I'm curious about your reasons to be in ketosis.

If it's to lose weight do you need to be in ketosis for that to happen? If it's to maintain current weight and to keep blood sugars stable and not have diabetes and associated problems, then eating low carb/sugar like the BSD should be fine?

From what I have learnt, Jason Fung on YouTube mainly, - he mentions people reduced their blood sugar and diabetes risk and lost weight through eating less because of gastric bands. But I don't know why - whether it was because they were eating less sugar/carbs or just that they were eating less over all and were in ketosis. IDK. More reading required. The book you mentioned looks good.

Sorry this is a bit rambling (and my understanding is not necessarily correct) but my focus is to avoid diabetes so I'm not too worried about knowing whether or not I'm in ketosis, if I lose weight and my blood sugar lowers then that's my goal achieved, and it doesn't really matter why it happens.

LemonPeonies Mon 06-Jul-20 12:04:06

Well done everyone! I'm down 3lbs to 12 stone 8 smile

KetoWinnie Mon 06-Jul-20 12:22:33

@justgoingforanap I guess now because I've lost a stone in 6-7 weeks I know that the next half a stone will not be easy. I want to find out if I can lose weight ''just'' from low carbing (and to me that means allowing myself a reasonable free rein with courgettes, onions, leeks, red peppers, mushrooms etc but starchy veg still being careful not to overdo it). I want to know if there's a recommended ration for not aimng for keto but aiming for weight loss through low carbing!. Does that make sense? I've nothing against keto, I just crave vegetables.
I would like to throw in a few kidney beans, butter beans, endamame beans without feeling ''oh shit failed to stay under 20''. I know that this is not unhealthy but now that I'm evangelical (ha well not quite) about keto, it feels like a scary thing to do. confused Like, I'm viewing the carbs in a courgette the same way I'd view a boost bar! Which rationally I know it should not be. I'm chaffling on myself here. Boom boom.

@LemonPeonies well done! the weight is falling off us atm.

Does Monday seem like the day to weigh to most people?!

justgoingforanap Mon 06-Jul-20 12:41:55

KetoWinnie yes I get what you mean. I worry that strict Keto could get into disordered eating territory for me. It needs to be a lifelong change for me I think and calculating carbs in everything is just not going to work long term (and I'm rubbish at maths).

But first I really do need to lose the weight for health reasons, and then decide what to do. Personally I want to understand about the effects of carbs/sugar on my body once I'm a healthy weight. Will a Sunday morning croissant tip the balance and send my blood sugars high, or if I'm healthier will my body respond differently.

justgoingforanap Mon 06-Jul-20 12:43:03

Well done @LemonPeonies.

Monday is a good day to check in with weight for me.

LemonPeonies Mon 06-Jul-20 12:45:54

@KetoWinnie thank you! Long may it continue for us all. Well done on losing a stone, I think that makes such a difference. Hopefully a stone off me will stop me looking pregnant grin so many good recipe ideas on here too.

wildthingsinthenight Mon 06-Jul-20 16:16:16

Well done on all the losses!!

KetoWinnie Mon 06-Jul-20 16:22:08

@lemonPeonies, Oh I know, 7 weeks ago I was bursting out of everything, ordering the next size up in a panic and realising I looked too old to look pregnant! Now I fee a lot better. Gonna get down to 9 stone I hope. I plan.

But in two more pounds (9.5lb) I am no longer officially overweight. I know those charts aren't something to live or die by but still I would like to be not officially overweight!!! So the next 3lbs is going to be a good goal for me.

wildthingsinthenight Tue 07-Jul-20 00:17:25

KetoWinnie it's good to have a goal. Whatever it is! As long as it's meaningful for you.
Planning on trying to make the fathead dough tmrw. Or maybe the chaffles? I like the idea of chaffles, bacon and poached eggs

JustMoved123 Tue 07-Jul-20 06:49:45

Hi, sorry I’ve a bit absent last few days, it was my husbands birthday, we were fairly good on food but had wine, it’s shown on the scales and I’ve gained at least 1kg! Hoping it’s fluid and I’ll lose again this week.

Well done everyone, keep posting your losses to inspire me 🙂

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wildthingsinthenight Tue 07-Jul-20 07:12:15

Hope your DH had a good birthday.
For me I think if keto is going to be a lifestyle then I need to know that I can have days where I eat carbs occasionally. I especially think as a woman that I'll need proper cake/toast/pizza at some point (hormones) and so I'm trying not to look at that as a failure. Yes it'll mess with my ketosis but it'll mean it's more doable long term.

Trying to get to a point where keto/low carb is the way I live and very occasionally I "carb load" smile

Last time I did keto I became too obsessed with every thing that went into my mouth and it felt unhealthy for me in the end. I also became too thin. Fingers crossed I can be more relaxed this time as I don't want to get into disordered eating.

Sorry for the essay!

Planning a moussaka for dinner tonight and salmon salad for lunch

wildthingsinthenight Tue 07-Jul-20 07:38:45

My first paragraph sounds like I plan to regularly eat carbs. I don't!
I just know that I need to be able to on rare occasions. If I want to

pontiouspilates Tue 07-Jul-20 07:46:24

wildthings that is exactly where I want to get to. If this is a long term thing, it needs to be sustainable, and that does mean sometimes having a slice of birthday cake or ordering the linguine at a good Italian restaurant. My problem is that those 'treats' had become my norm, so for now I need to focus and re-educate myself!

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