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Understanding food labels

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sausageface Wed 10-Feb-21 13:21:12

So I'm confused by the whole carb vs net carb issue. I'm aware all uk packaging we take the total carb and if it's American for example then we do total carbs minus fibre right? If net carbs isn't listed specifically. But what about polyols?! We're looking at buying the odd keto treat for when situations could otherwise throw us off track and chocolate is one of these. Looking at Atkins bars for example the below has been stated on Amazon q&a section... is this correct? So anytime I see polyols on a label I can deduct it from the carb total?

Whilst I'm on the subject of chocolate, any advice on the most palatable chocolate for someone who dislikes dark chocolate usually?! Thanks!

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Hopeislost Wed 10-Feb-21 14:24:52

US: Net carbs = carbs - fiber - polyols

UK: Net carbs = carbs - polyols

If it says 'fibre' don't deduct, only 'fiber'

Chocologic milk chocolate from Tesco is quite nice and lower carb.

sausageface Wed 10-Feb-21 14:29:02

Amazing, thanks so much! Great to know that I need to deduct polyols every time.

Will check out that chocolate too smile

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BIWI Thu 18-Feb-21 18:27:49

You will find that after a while of doing low carb, that your tastebuds do change, and you'll enjoy dark chocolate. Honestly!

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