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Low carb bread or pasta???!!!

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897654321abcvrufhfgg Mon 18-Jun-18 19:26:28

Is there such a thing? I currently eat a lot of wraps for lunch and pasta dinner. Looking for alternatives so my children don’t notice too much I am low carbing.

HeyMicky Mon 18-Jun-18 19:29:21

You can buy rice, noodles and pasta made from konjac root. Zero Noodles is one brand, for example. Zero carbs and zero calories.

You can also buy low carb wraps

BarbaraWarpecker Mon 02-Jul-18 10:44:16

I got some low carb wraps from Ocado: Carbzone £3:99 for 8 small wraps.
Each small 40g tortilla has 110 calories and 4g carbs.
They tasted OK but the texture wasn't good- they were not flexible and just broke when you tried to roll them up. They stuck together in the packet too. I never bought again.

dimsumtime Mon 02-Jul-18 12:40:35

I've had the Carb zone tortillas a few times and they have been very good, almost indistinguishable from normal wraps. The have occasionally stuck together but I have found them soft and flexible unless they get left out in the open. The only flaw that I have found is that they are packed with wheat so while they might be low-carb, they ain't great if you have an intolerance to wheat or gluten.

I also second zero/konjac/yam noodles. Amazing - texture takes a while to get used to but once you do it's fine. I dry fry them then cook them for a minute or so in the sauce to absorb the flavour.

Another bread I use I make myself with milled linseed, egg, xylitol and coconut oil. You can make a loaf or you can make it as a muffin int he microwave, which takes about a minute to cook, then another couple of minutes to cool and set. It's fab - I use it for sandwiches, as a recepticle for pate and mashed avocado, and I haven't tried it yet but apparantly you can also toast it!

IWannaSeeHowItEnds Wed 11-Jul-18 20:05:04

Waitrose do a brown low carb bread, but each slice is tiny, which is probably what makes it low carb. It's okay when you really fancy a piecr of toast but I wouldn't eat it more thsn once a week.

arranfan Wed 11-Jul-18 22:28:30

We like Keto in the UK's seeded keto, low carb, gluten free bread recipe.

The mix is approx. 600g before baking and there are 14g in the whole loaf. I'm surprised by the number of people who don't realise this isn't a continental loaf of some sort (particularly if you sub in some poppy or caraway seeds).

One of the advantages of the above loaf is that it's cooked in a very moderate temperature. It's not like Sarah Myhill's Paelo bread (it's ground flax/linseed) that needs a very hot oven and a long bake time to ensure an adequate lift.

AlwaysAToDoList Wed 11-Jul-18 22:34:19

Chickpea pasta from Sainsbury’s. If you eat 50g then it works out at:

- 84 Calories
- Fat 1.5g
- Carbs 11.2g
- Protein 6.5g

AntiBi Wed 11-Jul-18 22:37:17

Lidl used to do a high protein roll which was great but they stopped it a few months ago. Need to check to see if they restarted selling it

arranfan Wed 11-Jul-18 22:38:56

In case it wasn't clear above, 13g of carbs in whole loaf and it is sturdy enough to withstand being sliced medium-thin.

Nutrition info per entire loaf: Kcal 1400, Fat 102g, Protein 83g, Carbs 13g (fiber 50g)

justpoppngby Wed 18-Jul-18 17:42:38

Bit late but Hovis do at least two delicious low carb breads they're about 9.9g per slice and about the same size as normal sliced bread. The seeded one is lovely. Considering there's 18.8g per slice of 'normal' seeded bread it's a good alternative.

MongerTruffle Wed 18-Jul-18 17:48:31

The best low carb bread I've found is the Tesco Finest High Protein bread.

MongerTruffle Wed 18-Jul-18 17:48:55

I didn't check the date on the thread.

AsleepAllDay Sat 11-Aug-18 10:42:18

There's a lush brand of low carb bread you can get at some Waitrose (I recommend you email customer support), it's called Livlife seriously seeded bread & is the bomb!

I used to use it for Turkey bacon sarnies and toasted sandwiches. The slices are relatively small but crisps up in the toaster so isn't soggy and limp like other low carb loaves

Seriously wish I could get it again!

Redwine1066 Tue 18-Sep-18 13:34:39

Just started to use this Hovis bread and love the seeded one best..x

Redwine1066 Tue 18-Sep-18 13:36:00

Just started using the Hovis lower Carb but will check this out..x

littlebillie Sun 21-Oct-18 08:47:18

I have the Waitrose bread and freeze what I don't use as it says moist in the toaster

littlebillie Sun 21-Oct-18 08:49:33

mrbob Sat 12-Jan-19 09:03:06

The zero carb noodles are ace. I had some tonight for the first time. 10 calories! Slightly suspicious fishy smell when I opened the packet but once rinsed and cooked they tasted exactly like rice noodles (and I can pick up fishy-ness from a mile away)

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