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Back on low carb, anyone want to join me?

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50andgoingstrong Fri 30-Mar-18 13:23:48

I lost all my excess weight two years LCHFing. It's crept back on over the past year as ive reaching for the frackers, been, eating the kids chips etc. Carb creep and not tracking...means I'm 15lbs over where I like to be ☹️

So, I need to reboot.

I've started tracking today. My aim is to have less than thirty grams carbs a day...

I am armed with double cream, babybel and dark chocolate.

Anyone want to join me?

50andgoingstrong Fri 30-Mar-18 13:24:10


50andgoingstrong Fri 30-Mar-18 16:05:50

Indian takeaway tonight
Chicken and sag paneer 🙂

AmayaBuzzbee Fri 30-Mar-18 21:13:50

I’ll do my best to join you. I am pretty much exactly where you are. Lost everything I wanted with a combo of LCHF and 5:2 a few years ago, and I am now about 7-8kgs from where I want to be. Mainly due to wine and cheese crackers. And generally eating far too much (carbs mainly, but savoury type rather than sweet). And enjoying the drink too much (with the munchies after).

Lots of social situations coming up which will be tricky (staying with friends for a few days so will need to eat what I am given), but will try to keep the carbs as low as possible, and do better when I am at home so can control what I eat. So, starting tomorrow, here goes! Wish me luck! I will need it!

50andgoingstrong Fri 30-Mar-18 22:50:19

Cheese crackers are my downfall too!

Good luck for tomorrow.

I'm one day done. 39g of carbs today.

I'm taking it a day at a time!

50andgoingstrong Sat 31-Mar-18 22:03:17

Day 2 ✅
37g carbs (net)

Bloody hard was offered my favourite cake - coffee and walnut, homemade!
Kids sat munching Doritos and repeatedly offering me some.
No, no. No. No.

Hope it's going ok at your friends house Amay

Terfragette69 Sat 31-Mar-18 22:08:17

Me too! Small cheese cubes, pork scratchings, protein all good snacks!

frasier Sat 31-Mar-18 22:18:09

I'll join you ! I too lost a shed load of weight last time and then it came back and more after DS.

Want to be trim, well, trimmer, by September and new school!

frasier Sat 31-Mar-18 22:20:51

Starting tomorrow also. Got bacon for breakfast and some steak for dinner. We may be out for lunch but don't know where tbuconfused

YorkshireLurker Sat 31-Mar-18 22:28:33

I've been on LCHF for just over a week and have lost 8lb! Can't believe I've wasted so much money on slimming world my whole life lol

Just wanted to check in and say best of luck everyone getting back on it. I have 8.5 stone to lose (sadblush) but seeing everyone's success stores helps!!

50andgoingstrong Sat 31-Mar-18 22:33:38

Great! We can all track together 🙂

Easter is probably not the best time to start but im thinking if I can refuse the chocolate eggs then that's 1000s of grams of sugary carbs that are not in my body this year!

Enjoy your bacon for breakfast frasier. One of the perks of this way of eating hey! 😉

We are off out for a pub lunch plan is chicken with mayo and lots of green veg. Mint tea instead of pudding.

Will be sure to have Babybels and 75% dark choc in my pocket!

50andgoingstrong Sat 31-Mar-18 22:35:24

8lbs is a great start yorkshire
You must be in ketosis. Well done 🙂

50andgoingstrong Sat 31-Mar-18 22:36:19

Pork scratchings! I'd forgotten about them. Thanks👍

Singadream Sat 31-Mar-18 22:39:23

me please, but can't start until Tuesday as am away and everywhere we go seems to only have sandwiches. plus, you know, easter eggs...

Did bootcamp Oct/Nov and lost 8 kg - have put half back on now

titsbumfannythelot Sat 31-Mar-18 23:07:09

Me too. Have lost half a stone this year, but looking to lose another stone. Will start on Monday. Good luck all.

TinaBacon Sun 01-Apr-18 07:35:46

Morning. Can I join please? I lose a stone and a half this time last year doing 16:8 and eating better but fell off the wagon due to stress. I haven’t tried low carb before but as I eat far too much chocolate and biscuits I’m hoping it could help break the sweet tooth habit.

I don’t know much about low carbing, so any tips welcome!

50andgoingstrong Sun 01-Apr-18 08:57:33

It's lovely to have company 🙂

Day 3 for me today, I'm not weighing myself until day 7, but I've already noticed my tummy feels flatter!

Bloaty feeling is going. It's like magic!

50andgoingstrong Sun 01-Apr-18 09:01:58

Tinabacon course you can! 🙂

There's loads of info on low carbing online. Basically limit your carbs to under 30g a day and you'll start to burn your stored fat for energy. It will just melt away.

Look up ketogenic diet, here is a food pyramid of what you can eat.

50andgoingstrong Sun 01-Apr-18 09:05:47

Oh and track what you eat. I use MFP. You don't gave yo limit calories, just adjust your daily macros to the ones in the food.pyramid.

50andgoingstrong Sun 01-Apr-18 09:06:11

*have to

titsbumfannythelot Sun 01-Apr-18 09:34:57

There's some good info on the low carb boot camp threads @TinaBacon and some really knowledgeable folk too.

frasier Sun 01-Apr-18 10:48:52

No chocolate for me today! I had bacon and eggs for breakfast.

What's the latest info on coffee, anyone know? I have read varying things over the years about coffee and diet coke. That it stalls, that it is OK in moderation, that it is different for different people...

When I had my big weight loss bore having DS I drank a couple of cups of coffee everyday and if it made a difference I didn't care because the weight was coming off anyway.

Butterfly1975 Sun 01-Apr-18 10:59:10

Perfect thread for me at the moment - hope I can join you? Lost 1.5 stones LC about 4 years ago, stayed at around my target weight for quite a few years but half a stone has gradually crept back on!

Added complication that I became veggie 6 months ago so it is that much harder to eat LC meals. I've seen BIWI's veggie recipe thread which I need to trawl through and make a shopping list!!

I love the LC diet and always feel much less sluggish without the carbs!

Am away staying with relatives for a few days so it may all go horribly wrong blush

Funclesmuck Sun 01-Apr-18 11:03:48

Me, me, me, can I join! Started today low carb. Am 92kg so am in desperate measures territory! Started today with smoked salmon and poached eggs, ham and cheese for lunch then chicken stuffed with garlic and butter for dinner. I am off on holiday in jul and really would like to lose 15k by then

Scullerymaid Sun 01-Apr-18 11:21:59

Another one here. smile I've lost 3 1/2 stone on low arb
over a long long time and I'm stuck on the last stone.

Pork scratchings with a dab of nut butter is the food of the gods.
And quick. wink

Good luck folks.

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