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Intermittent low-carb?

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RedBeanie Tue 30-May-17 15:24:04

I've been following the low carb bootcamp threads, but I don't think I'd manage to cope with how strict it looks. I was wondering if anyone had tried intermittent low carb - say 3 days a week (like 5:2 but low-carbing) instead?

I know I wouldn't lose much weight like that, but I saw online that it was better than a general calorie-controlled diet a few years back in a trial of women with breast cancer risks, in terms of weight loss and insulin resistance.

I have some other questions about low-carb:
1. Is mayonnaise allowed?
2. Is cream allowed in tea and coffee, and is double better than single?
3. What about tomato-based sauces - for things like bolognese without the pasta? And ketchup is a no-no I presume?
4. Can I have cocktail sausages as a snack when peckish?
5. What oil is recommended for deep-frying?
6. Presumably the highest-fat content butter is best?

Sorry for the idiot questions, I'm a newbie and thinking of this as a way of life rather than a quick-fix diet.

explodingkittens Tue 30-May-17 15:48:52

Any reduction in your carbohydrate consumption will be good for your health, particularly if it's the white, processed carbs you're cutting.

However, the thing with Bootcamp - and most 'low-carb' ways of eating - is that they go hand in hand with an increased consumption of fat. You have to eat increased levels of fat for energy. But if you are increasing your fat intake half the week and then also eating your normal carb level half the week, you may actually increase your weight and you won't do much for your health either.

Bootcamp is quite tough - there are lots of other ways to do low-carb. Imo the best site is dietdoctor, which is really simple and straightforward.

The answer to your first 4 questions is yes, with caveats. Check the labels for things like mayo - you should be aiming for <5g of carbs per 100g. Cocktail sausages not a brilliant food but ok in an emergency.

Butter is pure fat - you should just be buying ordinary butter rather than those weird mixtures of oil and butter etc.

I don't deep fry so not sure about oils but generally I avoid seed oils and use animal fat, olive or coconut oil for cooking

explodingkittens Tue 30-May-17 15:51:30

Bootcamp is very valuable for the support though, and Bootcamp light is, well, the lighter version! Why not join the threads anyway and see how you get in? You might surprise yourself.

RedBeanie Tue 30-May-17 17:12:23

Thanks kittens, that site looks fab! I see what you mean about chopping and changing, and the risk of weight gain ... may be I'm better off reducing carbs overall and seeing how I get on smile

RedBeanie Tue 30-May-17 19:16:17

What do you do for dessert??? I have such a sweet tooth, I know it will be my downfall sad

StuntNun Wed 31-May-17 10:31:25

My favourite low carb dessert is fresh strawberries with full-fat Greek yogurt mixed with some double cream then 70% dark chocolate grated over the top (I use a fine grater so you only need about 5g chocolate to get a good covering). Sometimes I mix in a little vanilla powder as well. It's unbelievably luxurious - and hardly any carbs.

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