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LCHF - got some questions pls re impact on family, variety of foods etc

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ErnesttheBavarian Sat 27-May-17 08:42:10

I'm trying to do long-term keto. I feel physically and mentally much better on this, but I have some issues. I have quite a few dietary limitations - no gluten, no dairy, no nuts, no fruit

The range of food that I eat is very limited. I have also found I am not eating many calories, and struggle to up it and still stay within the recommendations?. I do need to loose weight, but actually despite keto, and despite few calories, I'm not losing....

So do you tend to eat the same things? (for me typical is vegan yoghurt with (literally) a couple of raspberries and chia seeds for breakfast or sometimes eggs, salad with fish and lots of dressing and/or avocado for lunch, and ? for dinner, Maybe meat and vegetables, or more salad. I have discovered pork scratchings as a snack.

I'm aiming to have max 20g carbs per day, and the ratios C - 10%. P -25% and Fat 65%

So, do you tend to eat the same things, does it matter if you have the same thing day in day out? what is your calorie intake like? Does LCHF also mean low cal? Why am I not losing weight (not main priority but still)?! If you have to cook for family, how do you manage your diet with the family meals? How does it work eating out or going on holiday?

Thanks if you can help me out with this!

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