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Why haven't I lost anything?!

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NSEA Sun 14-May-17 22:26:46

Hi. I started low carbing just over a week ago. This meant no potatoes, pasta, bread, no sugar or junk - the usual. I have been living off eggs, chicken and vegetables.

I am breastfeeding an 11 month old.

I have literally lost not a single pound despite cutting back on what had become a daily occurrence of crisps and chocolate and eliminating white food.

What have I done wrong!? Or am I just going to see a sudden drop in another week!? Please help!

delilahbucket Sun 14-May-17 22:30:27

Have you been logging what you eat? You may have entered the mindset of eating way more than you should because you think "it's ok, I'm not eating carbs so I can eat what I want".
How much have you got to lose? If it isn't much, it will be harder to shift.
Also, it has only been a week. I gain a pound or two depending on where in my cycle I am, so a fortnightly weigh in is better for me.

NameChanger22 Sun 14-May-17 22:34:45

I don't think low carb works for everyone. I've tried it three times and lost nothing. Last time I was on it for 3 months, no cheating, very strict small portions.

Calorie counting works better for me, although it is harder to stick to because of the hunger.

You probably need to give it a few months to really decide if it works or not.

NSEA Sun 14-May-17 22:42:03

I haven't been logging what I eat, though I will start. I haven't been snacking. I've gad 3 meals a day only and I have weighed food out so definitely not overeating.

I just thought cutting out the junk alone would have some impact. Its very disheartening.

I am about 20lbs from a normal bmi. Preferably looking to lose 28 - 35lbs.

So plenty to shift!

NSEA Sun 14-May-17 22:42:37

I might try mfp and track calories and see if that is maybe where I am going wrong.

HorridHenryrule Sun 14-May-17 22:51:43

Weights will help you need to get rid of fat or even an exercise DVD will help. If you only do the diet on its own expect a slow loss of your weight. Good luck.

TittyGolightly Sun 14-May-17 22:53:21

Water. Water. Water.

And psyllium husk tablets - you may well be constipated.

BIWI Sun 14-May-17 22:55:24

What have you been eating over the last few days? Why don't you list it out, and we can see if there's anything we can help you with?

IfYouGoDownToTheWoodsToday Sun 14-May-17 22:55:42

That's not really true Horrid, it is exercise which whilst very beneficial, doesn't result in huge weight lose.

Op yes use mfp it really does work if you stick to it.

BIWI Sun 14-May-17 23:13:37

HorridHenry - that's simply not true. Diet is the most important part of weight loss.

That's not to say that exercise isn't beneficial, but diet is by far the most likely way you're going to lose weight.

Wandastartup Sun 14-May-17 23:24:23

I find when low carbingthe weight loss seems to start week 2 for me.

NSEA Mon 15-May-17 06:51:36

Thanks! Will spend a week on MFP and then hopefully I can get an idea of where I am going wrong! Feeling spurred on that I'll see results next week instead.

Will the fact Im breastfeeding affect it? I really hope not!

Gallavich Mon 15-May-17 06:53:28

Are you drinking lots of water? Eating plenty of fat?

NSEA Mon 15-May-17 07:01:15

I've been eating eggs for breakfast, tuna salad and mayo in 1 wholemeal wrap (which I know is carbs but I have read I need a small amount a day because bf) for lunch, and tea has been chicken with either salad or roasted vegetables (onion/peppers/courgette/tomato)

Pretty similar every day to be honest as I wanted reliable non carbs.

I am still having cups of tea with a dash of semi skimmed milk every day (about 2-3 a day, I say). Tons of water.

NSEA Mon 15-May-17 07:02:11

You see I am not sure about the fat! I need to add more then as apart from mayo in the tuna I am not sure I am. I do cook using butter though.

NSEA Mon 15-May-17 07:03:25

I have not felt hungry all week and feel a million times better so there are benefits to cutting out on what I was eating but I am probably doing this all wrong!

Gallavich Mon 15-May-17 07:06:38

I think maybe you need to do a bit more research. BIWI has a low carb boot camp starting next week.
The wrap and the milk in tea are pretty high carb and will be affecting your carb count a lot. If you want to increase carbs a bit probably better to have carb heavy veg rather than bread.
I'm also not sure about peppers and onions - I don't like them myself so never looked them up but I think they are quite high carb veg.
You do need to add a lot of fat so olive oil in your salad and veg and maybe add some Greek yoghurt as a snack?

NSEA Mon 15-May-17 07:10:18

Oh! I am definitely in need of bootcamp instructions. To be honest, I thought eliminating the bad stuff I was eating would make a difference to begin with (my husband has lost 7lbs) but I will go and look properly at how to do this. Thank you

Gallavich Mon 15-May-17 07:14:01

Those pesky men seem to be able to cut out their daily packet of crisps and drop half a stone whereas it's often harder for women, especially when breastfeeding!
Make some tweaks and keep at it. I'm sure you will see a loss. Do you have much to lose?

StarSpotter Mon 15-May-17 07:18:22

I am dieting and still b/f a one-year-old. At times when she is ill and feeds more, I don't lose weight. It's like my body holds onto the fat for feeding!

IfYouGoDownToTheWoodsToday Mon 15-May-17 07:45:03

NSEA do be careful with tuna. I dont think it's recommended to eat more than twice a week if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.

BIWI Mon 15-May-17 07:52:16

NSEA - you definitely need to up the fat, but also cut out that wrap. Aim to get your carbs from vegetables and salad, rather than from things like bread.

If you want to join us on Bootcamp, (and you would be very welcome grin you should follow Bootcamp Light rather than the stricter Bootcamp.

Joinourclub Mon 15-May-17 07:57:15

I'm dieting using mfp whilst bf my one year old. I'm cutting out snacking, sweet things and seconds and booze. Just had a cheat weekend and put on all the weight lost over the previous 2 weeks!

NSEA Mon 15-May-17 08:08:55

@gallavich I am currently sitting at 11.1 and I'm 5ft2 so need to be at 9.9 to be at a healthy bmi though I want to lose more.

@woods. Thanks! I dont have more than 2 cans a week.

justpoppingby Mon 15-May-17 08:14:34

You can set your daily carbs on mfp, I didn't lose first week I started, now three weeks in and lost 1.7kg about 3-4lbs I think. I started on 100 carbs and 1800 calls a day for first week and am now for the second two weeks down to 50 carbs and 1500 cals a day. I thought I'd do it gradually so I didn't go too hungry or feel ill. It seems to be working now,

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