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Cambridge Diet weight loss

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Niknakinaus Sat 22-Apr-17 08:46:10

Just wondered how much people have lost on this diet? I'm currently on step 1a and on day 4, no headaches so far and drinking heaps although not sleeping great and constantly thinking about food! I've not a huge amount to lose, just over a stone but wondered if it's less efficient if you don't have as much to lose? Advice please....and any tips or even those who'd like to chat about it!

PhantomBlooper Sat 22-Apr-17 08:52:19

I've lost 4.5 stone on a similar VLCD. Even as I've got slimmer I've found that I still lose weight just as quickly, although it evens out after the initial drop in water weight.

You can probably expect to lose about 3-4lbs per week after your first weigh in. I normally see about 9lbs loss in the first week but 4lbs of that is water.

Just be conscious about what happens when you reach target. I find the dieting bit easy, but have had to put far much effort into staying healthy when I'm off plan. Otherwise the weight can come back on quicker than it came off.

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