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Keto and Low Carb Midlands Meetup

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AntoniaRobinson Tue 18-Apr-17 19:51:13

Hi folks,

I've struggled with insulin resistance and it's many negative side effects for many many years. To overcome the symptoms and manage the condition, I have become a lot more in touch with nutrition and food. I've been able to significantly transform my health through food. Having had a good browse around this forum, there are some very knowledgeable members who are of great value to those starting out reducing their carbs.

I want to try and build a community that can meet face to face in the midlands once every couple of months. We have a first meetup on the 18th of May, just off J28.

It would be great if anyone who has experience of low carb/keto or is interested in learning more could come along. Hopefully we can all help people take control of their life.

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