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So what CAN I eat?

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TodaysFishIsTroutALaCreme Tue 21-Feb-17 22:21:33

I would like to focus on the positives rather than the negatives of what I CAN'T eat if that makes sense. I have been looking at these threads and the scary bootcamp board and while it makes sense of what I CAN'T eat, it doesn't really say what I can. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful.

I have a shit load of weight to lose and it is predominantly on my tummy and I was told that low carbing/sugar was the way to go. Have previously tried and failed at SW. I gave up having lost 2 stone and not a single inch off my belly. It was demoralizing and I lost the will to diet and have subsequently put it all back on.

I know this isn't going to be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is but I want to give it a really good try.


explodingkittens Wed 22-Feb-17 08:34:05

You can eat:

Meat (all types - think roast chicken with the crispy skin, rare roast beef, pork with crackling, burgers, steaks, bacon!)
Fish (all types - I love sea bass fried in butter with a big pile of veg, or how about some smoked salmon and scrambled egg?)
Eggs (amazing food - scrambled, fried, poached, omelettes, frittata, hard boiled as snacks, or smooshed up in a cup with butter and garlicky soft cheese!)
Nuts (in moderation, and no peanuts which are legumes)
Veg (all types and plenty of it, but green leafy is the best - I love broccoli roasted with salt, chilli flakes and lemon, or cabbage shredded into ribbons, steamed and used instead of spaghetti for bolognaise, avocados in EVERYTHING, cauliflower cheese made without the flour in the sauce, celeriac dauphinois made with cream and garlic)
Fruit (in moderation - berries are best, great with thick Greek yoghurt, a splash of double cream and some cinnamon for an evening snack)
Cheese (any kind of cheese is fine)
Cream/butter (yum!)

I also eat small amounts of dark chocolate (70% stuff), pork scratchings grin, olives, creamy coleslaw, Italian deli meats, drink red wine (now and again). I honestly never ever feel deprived, in fact I eat much more indulgently when I focus on low carb.

There is a recipe thread in the Bootcamp section which has loads of amazing ideas. You could also take a look at the pig2twig recipe book which was amazing for me when I started LCing, or the diet doctor website is another good place to look. Or if you have a look at the weekly Bootcamp threads people post their recipes every day in there. Good luck!

TodaysFishIsTroutALaCreme Thu 23-Feb-17 19:43:53

Thank you kittens. That was a great help. I have been looking at the recipie threads and am feeling good about it all. flowers

cheeeseplease Mon 27-Feb-17 14:40:48

i love a big bowl of sugar free jelly with whipped cream - and I grate a square of 85% chocolate on top. yum

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