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Dukan vs low carb plan for boot camp

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Mumof3dogs Mon 20-Feb-17 16:34:49

Hi there all.
I lost 23 kilos about 6 years ago on the Dukan diet and I found it suited me fine with low carb
Sadly over the past couple of years most of the weight has crept back with stress eating and drinking
I really want to get my comfy size back a d so plan to re visit low carb
Can someone explain what is the difference between Dukan and the low carb plan on mumsnet on the boot camp and also where I can find the outline rules etc
I am also in menopause now which hasn't helped sadly 😒

BIWI Sat 25-Feb-17 19:04:36

Dukan has different phases; I can't remember exactly, but some days are attack days (I think) where you only eat protein.

And you have to eat oatbran every day.

It also advocates products that include artificial sweeteners, like Muller Lite yoghurts.

It's completely different from Bootcamp which advocates fresh, natural foods.

Look at any of the Bootcamp chat threads (always titled Week [number]), and go to the spreadsheet which is always linked in the OP - you'll find the rules there, on one of the tabs at the bottom.

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