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Can you low carb if you can't control your meals?

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wrinkleseverywhere Tue 14-Feb-17 20:56:29

Where I work, there is a staff canteen which is heavily subsidised. Everyone eats there and it would seem odd not to. There are no "self catering" facilities such as a fridge or microwave.
Is it possible to low carb when you don't know what you're going to be eating or what the ingredients are? Obviously I would avoid the jacket potatoes, pasta dishes & other obvious carbs (like not having the pastry on pie day) but do you think I'd manage by just eating, for example, the pie filling & accompanying veg? There are so many different ways to make, for example, chicken & mushroom pie and some are more carby than others.

LisaAlexander Tue 21-Feb-17 12:31:07

You can totally do it. There's always low carb green veg on offer and a meat right? The challenge for me would be picking that over what else is on offer. Why don't you ask for the company to buy a microwave & fridge?

BIWI Tue 21-Feb-17 21:36:50

Just by avoiding potatoes, pasta, rice, pastry (and pudding, obviously!) you will be low(er) carbing. So that will get you off to a good start.

If you read up about food and what is high in carbs, that will also allow you to make more informed choices.

But I should think it's infinitely doable, especially if you have hot food to choose from and not just sandwiches all the time.

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