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Can someone check my carb/protien/fat/calorie intake please.

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AstridPeth Thu 02-Feb-17 21:12:37

I just downloaded an app to help count my carbs and I was shocked athow much the other stuff came out as. Admittedly I have been having a very lazy day as not feeling well this week. But here goes...

Carbs - 25g
Protein - 92g
Fat- 81g
Calories - 1181

Is this really bad?

Here is what I ate.

Breakfast = scrambled eggs (2 eggs, tbsp butter, Tiny drop milk) cup of tea (splash of milk)

Lunch = egg mayo , with bacon and a chicken chargrill (birdsye) cup of tea with splash of milk.tablespoon of mixed seeds.

Dinner = 2 chicken chargrills on a bed of spinach topped with cheese and paprika. Cup of tea splash of milk.
I may have had 2/3 more cups of tea. I am really trying to cut down but it is hard!

So I know that there is is lot of rubbish in there- mainly the chargrills but like I said I am feeling pretty rubbish today and was going for ease. This is not at all a daily occurrence.
Generally I would have sliced chicken breast with my egg mayo or sometimes a celery stick with cream cheese.

But how bad are the above statistics?

BIWI Sat 04-Feb-17 15:16:45

It depends what you're trying to do! Are you doing this for weight loss?

Your carbs are pretty low, which is also probably because you're not eating much veg or salad.

And if you're low carbing, your fat should be higher than your protein.

AstridPeth Sat 04-Feb-17 15:32:56

Hi thanx for the reply. Yes I am trying to lose weight. Had a bad day when I wrote that and am trying to sneak more veg in (although ) I am not a great veg can t.b.h.

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