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Help so demotivated

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Bibblewanda Sat 21-Jan-17 09:15:07

Starting weight 12st2, wanted to get to about 9st as I'm only 5ft3. I am doing low carb high fat as I've had success before that way, started 2 weeks ago and was down to 11st11 at the end of week 1 which I was really happy about. Just weighed myself at the end of week 2 and I'm back up to 12st1 sad. I'm gutted as I really thought I'd been quite strict with myself this week. I did fuck up by having a few slices of pizza on Thursday but would this really affect things by that much?

Just feeling really demotivated now. Here's a list of what I intend to eat today:

Breakfast cucumber slices topped with full fat cream cheese and smoked salmon

Lunch scrambled eggs (4 eggs) with chilli and tomato

Dinner chicken casserole recipe from the diet doctor website (with feta and cream)

I drink lots of tea (full fat milk no sugar) and allow myself a square of 85% dark chocolate a day as I was a huge (milk) chocolate fiend before and I'm trying to gradually wean myself away from it.

Is the above list just not correct?

BIWI Sun 22-Jan-17 15:31:43

Unfortunately, 'a few slices of pizza' can have had that impact. Plus, if you're drinking lots of tea the milk in that will be adding up to a lot of carbs.

It also looks like you're not really eating very much - your breakfast especially looks like a small amount!

But one thing to bear in mind, too, is that weeks 3 and 4 of a low carb diet are renowned for being weeks where weight loss slows down - you may even see a slight gain.

You're on the other thread though, so you'll get lots of support there! Keep posting, and KOKO - keep on keeping on (although without the pizza grin)

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