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Talllara Wed 18-Jan-17 22:19:12

Dh and I are post Christmas dieting, haven't got much to lose. Usually do calorie counting but it's such a bore.

I've been reading loads about low carb and I'm really interested in reaching ketosis. I doubt I'd want to do low carb long term but I've read that once you're used to the adjustment you feel great. Thinking clearly, sleeping well.

Has anyone experienced this?

Did you go really low carb?

cathyandclare Wed 18-Jan-17 22:29:57

I feel way better in ketosis, more energy, focus and less hunger and puffy eyes. I've low carbed for 4 years but let things slip over Xmas and fighting to get back in the zone. I stuck to BIWI's boot camp on here/ idiot proof diet pretty much.
It's tough for the first few weeks but then I stopped craving carbs and sugar. It's a nightmare if you cheat though, sugar's worse than crack cocaine, once I start it's hard to stop!

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