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PrancerForHoney Thu 10-Nov-16 17:24:36

I need to start on a low carb diet.
I need some recipe ideas but I have a few stumbling blocks.
I live in the arse end of nowhere, 12 miles from the nearest town/shop.
The bus is hourly ( I don't drive) so can't keep nipping into shops.
I only have a tiny freezer.
What can you recommend that is quick and simple and doesn't require two drops of unicorn tears or elven gold dust. wink
I really don't have time between two jobs (paid and living on a farm) to make anything too fancy.
Oh and online shopping is out as I can never be sure when anyone will be around to receive it.
I promise I'm not difficult. Just circumstances at the moment conspire against me.
And most importantly, it has to be something I can eat without the rest of the family knowing what I'm up too!

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