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Feeling nauseous if I haven't eaten refined carbs

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poppetsandbears Thu 13-Oct-16 19:58:51

I find myself eating lots of refined carbs.
I don't eat meat and lots of my meals have a base of refined carbs eg pasta, noodles.
I seem to crave surprisingly large quantities of them, and when I diet they are my stumbling block.
I would like to lose weight around my stomach and cutting down on refined carbs seems key.
However I feel incredibly nauseous when I haven't eaten a refined carb with my meal, the kind of nausea I get when I'm hungry.
I can have a huge portion of fish, veg, salad, but I feel horribly nauseous afterwards for hours unless I have toast, cereal or similar. Eating more of the same food doesn't help. If I eat refined carbs I feel instantly better.
I'm not sure what to do about this as I can't bear feeling nauseous.
Is this psychological? Habitual? Or something physical?
Any suggestions?

FrameyMcFrame Thu 13-Oct-16 20:04:17

I think if you can get through a few days of it then it goes away. Usually 3-5 days. You might get a headache too. But once you're body becomes accustomed to lower carbs you'll feel great!

Veryflummoxed Sat 15-Oct-16 09:33:59

I'm agreeing with the previous poster. There are all sorts of horrible withdrawal symptoms but after maybe a week of LCHF they disappear and you feel loads healthier. If you look on one of BIWI's old bootcamp threads and go to the spread sheet this had loads of helpful info. (A new bootcamp starting 24thOct).

BIWI Tue 25-Oct-16 22:20:59

I'd say this indicates how much of an addiction to carbs you have! Withdrawal generally takes around 3-5 days. It's definitely worth persevering.

Make sure that you keep your water intake, and also that you're eating plenty of sodium.

Hopefullmummy2be Sat 17-Dec-16 05:50:56

The best thing to do is to do things gradually. So... for example start with no more bread. When you're ok with that...a few days or so... cut out pasta. Reduce your sugar in coffee or tea over a week or two and give up any sugary drinks. Then lose rice... or rather sub it for cauliflower rice. Sounds horrid but it's bloody lovely! Then remove any other refined sugars or trigger foods. Low carbing is excellent if you do it right. You will still get withdrawal ...but it won't be as bad as going cold turkey. Especially this time of year when temptation is on my every corner. Personally I'd make a pact to not have sweets or cakes (IF that's your thing!)and then leave the really hard things until after. Unless you feel strong enough now to cut them out. If you can afford it's not cheap... Cambridge is great as is lighterlife. And honestly once you're in ketosis you won't miss carbs often or at all. And I feel at my best low carbing. There's a ton of great books to try... the Gourmet Low Carbon Cook book is fantastic. Xx

pklme Sat 17-Dec-16 06:12:16

Echo what pps said.

I read somewhere that the gut flora develop according to what you usually eat. Effectively you are starving a current portion of your gut flora when you no longer eat their preferred diet. They die off flooding you with chemicals which make you feel crap. Might not be true of course...

Plough through it, knowing it is just a few days. Lots of water, lots of fat and protein will help.

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