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Is Low Fodmap incompatible with low-carb?

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Infinitygirl Tue 04-Oct-16 11:53:09

Is anyone here familiar with the Low Fodmap diet for people with IBS? Is it incompatible with a low-carb diet?

I've been on this - more or less - for about 1.5 yrs following a really nasty virus that messed up my digestive system and led to fast-track NHS tests all of which came back, thankfully, as OK. Hence the generic diagnosis of IBS.

Prior to that, I'd been a wholefood vegetarian for most of my life but sadly, had to switch to eating meat/fish again, no or low fibre and huge restrictions on veg/fruit - which had previously been the main staple of my diet. In fact for most of my life, my diet was like the perfect health wholefood diet most people aspire to, before I got ill. Now it's like the worst possible diet that we're supposed to avoid - but is all you can eat on Low Fodmap..

So now I've been eating a small repertoire of foods - white bread, white rice, skinned potatoes, chicken, fish and a tiny palate of veg and fruit - just the ones allowed on low Fodmap. I do occasionally eat the 'wrong' foods that I crave - broccoli, sprouts, small pieces of apple, tomatoes, nuts etc etc - all those healthy things - but mostly these lead to abdominal pain, bloating, acid-burning feelings. If I eat anything without some bland white carb, I notice my stomach feels even more acidic and painful.

I would love just to eat fish, chicken and veg/fruit but this seems impossible on Low Fodmap. Needless to say, I suffer regular constipation and worst of all my previous favourite foods were all healthy vegetables most of which I can no longer eat.

So has anyone worked out a way to be on a LowFodmap diet lifelong but also eat low carbs or paleo or even 5:2? I also find if I don't eat for a while, stomach acid gets worse, as do pains, so fasting isn't an option either and yet all this seems 'contrary to nature/paleo eating for which our stomachs are supposed to be designed.

To top it all, I really need to lose a stone in weight but there seems no chance of this on LowFodmap for IBS. Can anyone advise me?

Infinitygirl Thu 13-Oct-16 08:13:06

Bumping my thread and wondering if no one here knows about the Low Fodmap diet for IBS - so can't answer my questions?


I guess I'm just fed up with having to have moved from a lifelong, really healthy, veg-filled, wholefood diet to this bland, fibre low diet.....

backinyerbox Fri 14-Oct-16 05:53:34

Hi Infinity, I'm a dietitian specialising in low FODMAP, which I adapt for clients needing more complicated/specialised diets.
In the first instance, I suggest that you get a referral back to the NHS dietitian for a review of the low FODMAP diet. It can be a complicated and needs specialist guidance.
The research on the low FODMAP diet is constantly evolving. The most up to date info comes from Monash University. They have a very good website with recent posts on using veg
Monash website
Feel free to drop me a message smile

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