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Aliiiii Sat 01-Oct-16 12:37:29

I have been low carbing for nearly 4 weeks and so far I've lost 7 pounds ( which is great) but the majority of that is from the first week
Obviously I don't want to lose a load very quickly but the last 2 weeks I seem to have stalled
I have at least 4 stone to lose so expecting it to take some time but just wondered if anyone else has experienced this?
I'm sticking to under 20 carbs per day rigidly although probably not drinking enough water, could this be the cause?
Also I'm finding I'm just not hungry at times so could it be that I'm not eating enough?
Im just a bit disillusioned at the mo!

BIWI Sat 01-Oct-16 17:48:03

It's very common in weeks 3 and 4 not to lose anything, so don't be downhearted!

You don't need to restrict your carbs that severely either - and you should be getting your carbs from vegetables and salad.

Drinking lots of water is important, yes!

And if you're not hungry - that's a great sign! It's one of the real benefits of low carbing, that it acts as an appetite suppressant. And it's a sign that you're doing it properly.

Sounds like it's all going well.

GonzoFlyingProducts Wed 05-Oct-16 23:32:36

Just keep on keeping on...
Sounds like you're getting it right.
You'll plateau now and then as your body adjusts but if you stick with it you will lose weight and lose weight and lose weight.
It works...

I went low carb in April and by September I'd lost almost three stone.
I took a view which was - no carbs but a nice square of Lindt Chocolate after supper every night.

I'm feeling great and looking good.


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