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Day 1 VLCD

(5 Posts)
FuzzyDiamond Sat 20-Aug-16 11:22:50

I woke up this morning feeling rotten, I haven't been watching what I eat for a long time and my weight has steadily gone from 11st to over 15 stone. None of my clothes fit so I bit the bullet and bought new ones, now they are getting tight.

I have followed a VLCD a few times and twice I have been committed and lost a lot of weight but 90% of the times I don't make it past week one.

I'm not living like this anymore, I want my energy back and I want my old clothes to fit.

I have a few left over shakes from CWP then I will try exante. The reason I am using meal replacement is my tendency to binge eat. I cannot be trusted around food so I'm cutting it out.

Day 1: weight 15st 2 height 5'9 and dress size 16/18

Aim to have 4 products and 3 - 4 litres of water.

I'm using this thread to hold myself accountable, anyone is welcome to join in!

JamaisDodger Sun 21-Aug-16 15:26:07

Ok I'm in - I weigh 15.2, and I'm 5'8". I've been half-heartedly following Slimfast 321, but I'm starving with nothing to show for it. I'll do a shop tomorrow smile

FuzzyDiamond Sun 21-Aug-16 18:40:57

Hello JamaisDodger

Our stats are pretty similar! I am counting tomorrow as day 1 blush

I was so determined yesterday and then got stressed and ate my feelings,

Always best to start on a Monday anyway haha.

Have you lost much on slim fast?

I just want to see the 14's again and get on track, it's just getting into the

right frame of mind isn't it!

JamaisDodger Sun 21-Aug-16 20:03:58

Definitely, I lost sod all on Slimfast since I only did it for a week and cheated on day 4 and day 6 blush Not the right frame of mind then.

I'd like to start low carbing tomorrow, but all I've got in for breakfast is bolognaise. Could be worse I suppose?

JamaisDodger Tue 23-Aug-16 08:05:54

Low carbed all day, then drank wine (too much wine as well blush) in the evening. Lost 2 pound, but won't repeat that performance.

Will try v hard not to weigh myself again until a full week has passed.

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