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Very low carb - starting again!

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PonyPals Wed 10-Aug-16 06:42:43

I have previously done Dr Cohen's lifestyle diet and successfully lost 30kg now that I have had my first baby (9months ago) I need to lose ideally 50kg but I would be more than happy with 30kg.

Has anyone else starting a low carb diet?
I will record daily to keep my self accountable.
Day 1 Food diary
B coffee + 2 slices of cheese
L lettuce 120g + tuna 120g and 1 tbs mayo
S sunflower seeds 2 big handfuls
D chicken 120g and salad 105g and yogurt dressing (full fat yogurt, chilli and lime)
10 little crackers
S sunflower seeds 2 big handfuls
2 oranges
1 coffee.

Does this look OK to you guys?

Curlgurl Wed 10-Aug-16 06:53:18

The kiwi by itself has 11g of carbs which is over half the allowed carbs on the induction phase of Atkins. Add in the two oranges, 4 big handfulls is seeds and crackers then it's not low carb at all.
If you want to eat low carb then you can't eat fruit or seeds.

BIWI Fri 19-Aug-16 23:38:54

No! That's not a low carb diet.

Fruit and seeds and crackers will add way too many carbs

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