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Favourite low carb meals?

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LurkyLurkerMcLurkface Sun 24-Jul-16 13:37:44

So after gestational diabetes with a phenomenal amount of insulin resistance, a fasting blood glucose that is always at the very top of the normal range and a gain of a stone blush in the 6 months since DS was born I need to sort my chubby arse out before I get type 2 diabetes!
Please could I ask for your favourite meals and tips to get this going? I ended up eating almost no carbs for a while when pregnant, and then a restricted but normalish diet when the insulin was added but am struggling massively with motivation!

trinity0097 Wed 03-Aug-16 11:30:05

The diet doctor website is good for ideas.

Some of my go-to things are
- frozen green beans, mixed with chilli oil and grated parmasen cheese roasted for 30min - obviously not a whole meal but a side dish
- mix cream cheese, double cream and seasoning and put over thinly sliced low carb veg and bake - yum!
- streaky bacon and eggs

mumchkin Thu 04-Aug-16 00:38:30

I have lots but my very favourite is simply taking a chicken breast, cut a pocket in it and stuff with brie cheese and lightly pan-fried scallions. Roll up and wrap the whole thing in Prosciutto. In the oven for 20-25 mins depending on thickness of the fillet, serve with wilted spinach and broccoli with the pan juices poured over. It's gorgeous and tastes like something you'd have in a restaurant.

OrlandaFuriosa Thu 04-Aug-16 00:47:04

Bake salmon (or any fish) in foil in the oven with herbs and lemon, serve with French beans. Filling and yummy.

Instead of mashed potato, mash carrots, though because they are sweet you need to be conscious of the serving size.

Venison steak or any steak and carrots and a green veg.

Omelette and salad. Esp omelette with cheese, or ham, or tomato, or salmon.

Spicy chicken soup. With beans and mangetout in it.

Vegetarian lasagne using aubergine slices instead if pasta.

OrlandaFuriosa Thu 04-Aug-16 00:48:58

Veg spaghetti, using a spiraliser, with seafood with a dash of chili.

VioletBam Thu 04-Aug-16 01:02:42

I make my own burgers and wrap them in lettuce leaves instead of a bun. You can do the cheese and onions think "Why do I even NEED bread!" because it's that gorgeous.

QuiteLikely5 Thu 04-Aug-16 20:36:57

Omelettes with chorizo and red onion are lovely

Chicken breast, red and green peppers, olives, shallots - black pepper, oregano, chilli powder, passata and chorizo - brilliant

AliceInHinterland Thu 04-Aug-16 20:43:47

I'm pretty much in exactly the same situation...
Lamb hot pot with celeriac instead of potato
Cottage pie with cauliflower mash
Chicken pie with cauliflower mash
Cauliflower paella
Curry with coconut cream or real cream
Steak with creamy sauce
Courgetti carbonara (quick and easy)
Courgetti bolognaise
Courgette lasagne

I found that just making sure I had 1/2 plate green veggies crowded out the carbs. I'm back to my carb eating ways for now, but won't get away with it for long.

AliceInHinterland Thu 04-Aug-16 20:44:43

Lurky (and any others) do you fancy an accountability thread? Listing what we've eaten?

mumchkin Fri 05-Aug-16 01:37:02

Yes I'd be up for that Alice

AliceInHinterland Fri 05-Aug-16 08:41:57

Let's do it!

Mymouthgetsmeintrouble Fri 05-Aug-16 08:49:48

Chicken and bacon salad , cauliflower curry , steak with green veg , homemade soup

moosmummy Sat 06-Aug-16 20:00:43

Glad I found this thread! I'd be interested in packed lunch for work ideas?

AliceInHinterland Sat 06-Aug-16 21:00:50

If you have a microwave I would say the world is your oyster with leftover stews and sauces. If not the best option is to get very creative with salads. There's a good recent thread here

AliceInHinterland Sat 06-Aug-16 21:03:10

Also I can recommend pizza made with cloud bread (an egg-based bread substitute). It's really quite nice cold. You can fold it into a sort of sandwich.

ChickenVindaloo Wed 05-Oct-16 16:44:10

<adds to list on laptop>

Hot deli at supermarket
Soup cartons – add meat or veg to bulk it out
Making my own soup: chicken/bacon/lentil/coconut/pea
(Prawn) Stirfry with peanuts/cashews & teriyaki/soy-sauce
Duck & hoisin & spring onion
Chicken balmoral (slow cooker) – need milk for the sauce - not for haggis-haters!
Beef/turkey chilli (add kidney beans, flaxseed & bell peppers)
Salmon/chicken in Pyrex dish: lemon/garlic/herbs/ginger

Thai green curry
Chinese curry – beef if possible to change from chicken. Put in onion & mushroom.

Sides/Small Meals/Extras
Baked apple & cinnamon
Feta cheese & olives
Fried halloumi
Avocado with salmon/prawns/tuna
Cheese & pickled onion & pineapple on sticks a la 1970

princessconsuelabannahammock Wed 05-Oct-16 17:12:27

Courgetti with chilli pesto and cheese
Forget to with lemon, garlic, coriander, olive oil and prawns.

Stuffed chicken breast with green beans
Chicken thighs wrapped in bacon with whole grain mustard
Metazza - pizza but made with minced beef instead of carbs.
Caesar salad
Cauli, broccoli and bacon cheese made using cream and cream cheese white sauce

BIWI Wed 05-Oct-16 22:51:53

Check out the Low Carb Bootcamp recipe thread (stickied at the top of the Low Carb Bootcamp topic). Lots of lovely low carb recipes there.

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