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Camping Food?

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zikreetdreaming Wed 29-Jun-16 04:37:17

We're going camping next week for two or three nights and I'm a bit stuck! The first day/ night is easy as we can just picj up stuff and do a bbq. After that I'm struggling to think of low carb options with no need to keep things cold. Any thoughts?

FurryTurnip Sun 24-Jul-16 14:00:04

No great suggestions but following with interest. I've just starting LC and off soon on a long distance walking weekend, overnight camp, no shops, no fridge!

Thinking boiled eggs, nuts and seeds (I am vegetarian) and some cold frittata for first day, but stumped for following day when everything would be festering in a hot rucksack!

Suggestions welcome!

Just a thought OP, you could take veg, spices and tinned tomatoes and do a chilli one night.

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