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Low carb and hirsuitism

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ridingsixwhitehorses Sun 19-Jun-16 22:57:14

I have pcos. Also v overweight.
Have hairy chin. Partly the pcos I think. Partly ethnicity. Am from generations of hairy women!
Anyhow was controlled a bit in past by combo of pill and vaniqa cream but not been on pill for a decade now and been pg or bf for so long so unable to use the cream. Now finished having babies (have 3). Been low carbing for a month. Was 110kg. Lost 5kg. My target is to be 98kg by Christmas so 7kg to go (is this possible? - will start another thread on this). But mostly am wondering will low carb help the hirsuitism and how long will it take? Last two babies were boys and was significantly worse in those pregnancies.

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