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Low carb with gall stones/ulcers

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notagiraffe Fri 10-Jun-16 11:41:09

I'd always been told not to low carb because of a history of gall stones. I stuck to a low fat diet for decades very happily and was slim, but that wasn't possible once DC were born and weight crept on and I developed ulcers.

Pretty sure I read on here someone (BIWI?) who explained how it could have been the low fat diet that caused the ulcers and gall stones. I want to find out more about this as I just can't lose weight these days. As soon as I try a complex carb low fat diet I start bingeing. If there's a way to do low carb which is safe for gall stone/ulcer sufferers, does anyone know of a good diet book/website to follow please? (I can google but would rather trust a recommendation form someone who has done it.)

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