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Starting LCHF over fresh tomorrow - anyone want to join me?

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crunchymummy Mon 30-May-16 20:53:01

Hey mums netters, I've been trying to lose my baby weight for a while now but just haven't stuck to anything. I want to give LCHF a proper go, I plan to have 120g fat, (68%) 50g carb (12%) and 80g protein (20%) with around 1600kcal a day... anyone else just starting out want to join me?

I'm currently 5'3 and around 180lb and hate the way I look, I have no energy and don't feel confident at all... hopefully with LCHF and light walking with DS in pram every day I can start to shift some of this weight smile

crunchymummy Tue 31-May-16 12:30:37

Oh great, just logged into FB to find a photo of me tucking into some sweets at a wedding me and DP recently went to... and I look so big!!! blush

Already started this morning with a two egg omelette fried in coconut oil and topped with ham and feta cheese.... going to hold out as long as I can before lunch because my problem is I do eat too soon and end up using up all my macros/calories and nothing left to have for dinner

Mimisrevenge Tue 31-May-16 15:28:18

I'm in. 16 stone 5'2 and 2 kids. I did low carb some years ago and got down to 10 stone.

Today I've been really good. Let's keep it up!

crunchymummy Wed 01-Jun-16 18:55:09

Wow that's amazing! My goal weight is 9stone but I'd be more than happy to weigh 10 stone! I've tried every diet under the sun apart from low carb so really hoping this is the one! grin

What sort of thing do you eat in an average day? Oh and how old are your DCs? smile

Mimisrevenge Wed 01-Jun-16 21:20:48

Dc are 6 and 3. So you could say I've not been quick on sorting this...ahem.

So today I've been good again. Nice juicy steak for dinner. Even took daughter to mc ds and didn't touch a thing.

How are you doing?

crunchymummy Thu 02-Jun-16 12:17:23

Ah wow, I've only got one DC and barely cope, well done on managing to bring two up haha! smile

and well done on Mcds that's one of my biggest weaknesses... I'm the type that usually gets a large Big Mac meal and a double cheese burger and still feels hungry two hours later but hey ho trying to change those bad habits

I've been good last two days and trying a bit of intermittent fasting today... hopefully till dinner which will be roast lamb and veg and and possible an extra salad because I'll be starving haha sad

crunchymummy Thu 02-Jun-16 22:15:28

Haha ok so I haven't stuck to the intermittent fasting but apart from that have been um... okish today. Roast lamb joint and veg fried in coconut oil and fried egg (coconut oil) with cheese, had three oat cookies that I made myself and probably have about 10g carb each but hoping I've stayed under 50g for the day... will start properly counting my macros tomorrow

Mimisrevenge Fri 03-Jun-16 13:53:17

Well no weight lost yet. 🙄

What's cooking in coconut oil like??

Tonight will be tough. Planning on no wine...

crunchymummy Fri 03-Jun-16 15:57:36

Good luck with tonight, let me know how you get on smile

I love coconut oil its meant to be really healthy and I love the smell haha

Made low carb chocolate mug cake today and had it with double cream yummy grin

Mimisrevenge Fri 03-Jun-16 21:25:26

Only gin and tonic!!

Go me! Seriously that's a first, no wine. Lots of eggs today though!

You're doing really well. Any difference?

crunchymummy Sat 04-Jun-16 09:40:43

Well done!!

Ahhh I went really bad, 1 kinder bruno (two bars), 3 ferrero richer, 3 lindt chocolate balls.....

sad sad sad

But it's a new day will be good today and hope it hasn't done too much damage.

I don't have any weighing scales at the moment, but when my mum comes up Wednesday night she will bring me some and will let you know smile

How are you today?

Mimisrevenge Sat 04-Jun-16 17:29:54

I'm good thanks. Lost 2lb. Went to hotel chocolat to buy a present and did have a small piece of free choc!!!

Saw my mum and told her then she said what did I have for breakfast? Bacon sausage and fried egg. Oh she said, you'll put all that back on then. Helpful.

Sounds like a small blip. I frantically clean the house, you kind of feel like you're being doubly good!

crunchymummy Sun 05-Jun-16 18:07:30

Ahh well done, I'm looking forward to my first weigh in (I think haha) hope at least 1lb has shifted...

Been super good and told my DP I don't want roast potatoes and yorkshires with my Sunday dinner... his smell really good though grin

Haha nothing wrong with bacon sausage and fried egg!! My DP's mum doesn't understand LCHF either she prefers low fat everything

Mimisrevenge Wed 08-Jun-16 17:56:49

Well I've had to go to mums for a few days and ended up eating rice last night. So far lost 3lb

crunchymummy Sun 12-Jun-16 14:33:28

Ah sorry for the late show... Had my mum round last couple of days and just sat one of my Alevel exams haha been busy to say the least.

I weighed this morning and have lost 3lb so I'm a total of 8lb off since having DS yaaay smile

Still a long way to go

Oh and I've had loads of cheat days so need to get serious... I've had Dominos the day before my first exam (stress making eat!) and when my mum came round we went out for food and had LOADS of carbs including cake so I'm sure you've done better than me haha

FastLove Sun 12-Jun-16 22:12:13

Hey can I join you? I've been doing lchf for a week weighing in on Friday and had lost 4lbs but just doing it all alone based on stuff I'm reading online so could do with some company! I normally go off the rails at the weekend but have managed to make it through the weekend without any carbs but have way over-indulged on v. dark choc, cream, pate, cheese, G'n'T, vodka tonic etc etc so will see how I manage to get on over the next week!

TobleroneBoo Mon 13-Jun-16 11:47:24


Sorry I am late to this but can I join? Have recently been failing at a diet plan I have previously succeeded on so feeling very disheartened at the moment. I had a bit of a heart to heart with my DM about it and she told me she knew I could shift any weight I wanted to which has made me even more determined to do it. Been reading about LCHF today and it seems ideal. I love eggs and meat and I am slowly trying more fish. One question i had though, is can I have the " healthy" nut butters? The one I have just seems to be nuts?

crunchymummy Wed 15-Jun-16 18:26:37

FastLove and TobleroneBoo, hey yes of course! The more the better! grin

FastLove - you sound exactly like me, the weekend when my DP who is not doing LCHF is at home, I go NUTS with food like really bad. Well done on making it through the weekend. And also same with indulging in dark choc, cream, pate and cheese! I've started using my fitnesspal to try and record everything because I worry I'm eating too many carbs!

crunchymummy Wed 15-Jun-16 18:29:09

TobleroneBoo - the Meridian Almond Butter I have seems to be only 6.5g carb per 100g, which would be quite a lot to eat so I'd say yes you can!

How's everyone doing so far this week? Are you strict low carb? How many g's of carbs are you aiming to eat per day?


TobleroneBoo Thu 16-Jun-16 07:46:30

Thanks crunchy! That's good news, I think I could easily manage 100g of pb but will definitely try not to gringrin

crunchymummy Thu 16-Jun-16 12:38:36

TobleroneBoo - thinking about at and looking at the tub I probably could eat the whole thing too haha grin grin How are you getting on?

TobleroneBoo Thu 16-Jun-16 17:30:54

Well, I think - thank you. I'm not entirely there but I haven't touched any crisps, sweets, biscuits or chocolate this week which is a good start for me ( despite the works biscuit tin just being filled with custard creams)

I haven't really wanted to snack and have really been enjoying my lunchtime salads.

How are you doing? I haven't rtft but are you following a plan of sorts, or just the notion of low carb high fat? I downloaded a book but it's quite intimidating!

crunchymummy Thu 16-Jun-16 21:01:22

If you've managed to stay away from crisps, sweets, biscuits and chocolate that's amazing! I always have a bit of a melt down at some point during the week and those are my weakness blush

I'm doing okish this week. Have managed to stick to around 50g carb each day... I'm not really following a plan, just entering everything I eat into an app and having a look at the end of the day how many grams of carbs I've had. I'm trying to stick to 50g or less. I'm struggling with snacking, I get really hungry sometimes, I think it's because I'm also bf my ds... but I should probably stock my food with more low carb friendly things.

What kind of foods have you been enjoying on low carb so far?

My favourite has to be bacon and chicken mayo on top of gem lettuce leaves grin

TobleroneBoo Fri 17-Jun-16 06:30:12

It's usually weekends when I struggle, I can eat a whole packet of biscuits followed by 2 morrisons cinnamon buns, which are my nemesis!

What app is that, is sounds like a good idea? Is it my fitness pal or something similar?

As I say I don't know if I'm entirely doing it right but I have been loving having avocado! For years I have loved it but knew it was pretty calorie heavy but now I can't get enough. Also have been having scrambled egg and smoked salmon, but I'm not sure if that's ok because no recipe site for lchf has shown that recipe even though I think it's a standard combo?

ProfYaffle Fri 17-Jun-16 07:00:56

Can I join?

I've been LCHF for about 18 months now. Lost 3 stone last year and have mostly kept it off though would ideally like to lose another stone. Dh has had lots of hospital treatment this year though so I struggled to stick to it rigidly while I was relying on the hospital food court (M&S scotch eggs were my saviour!) plus I didn't have as much time to exercise.

I've put a small amount back on but want to stop the trend, get strict again and maybe even lose that last stone that's been hanging around.

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