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Best nuts for lc?

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SuperSange Sat 23-Apr-16 06:07:14

I'm going to aldi to stock up on nuts after reading the Aldi thread and wondered which nuts to buy there? I know cashew are to be avoided, but which there's? They're for roasting in cinnamon and coconut oil to top my yogurt for breakfast.

SuperSange Sat 23-Apr-16 06:07:43

*Which ones.

StuntNun Sun 24-Apr-16 11:18:16

Pecans, brazils and macademias.

SuperSange Mon 25-Apr-16 09:02:23

That's great; thank you! I didn't think to look there.

JuniorMint Wed 27-Apr-16 22:07:00

The Sainsburys roasted salted almonds are 1g carbs per 30g of nuts.

ridingsixwhitehorses Tue 14-Jun-16 23:49:14

Why are cashews to be avoided? (They are my favourite!)

BIWI Tue 14-Jun-16 23:51:12

Because they are really high in carbs!

StuntNun Wed 15-Jun-16 07:10:22

Riding if you love cashews then look for bags of mixed nuts. A few cashews in a bag of hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds won't be as carby as cashews on their own.

legohouse Sun 19-Jun-16 17:10:17

Oh no!!! I love cashews too confused.. I'm thinking there are a few things i am eating that I had thought were ok but are actually not which may explain why I can't seem to shift my last 4 lbs

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