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oh no i lapsed

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seasidesally Thu 17-Mar-16 10:24:25

hi,been low carbing for approx 3 wks,ive lost nearly 8 pound but on Tuesday night i lapsed and ate about 20 chocolates blush

anyway next day was back on track and have been since,my weight seems to be the same as before i ate the chocolates,so how long before my weight shoots up??


elfycat Mon 21-Mar-16 20:42:10

It won't. 20 chocolates will not have taken you over your weekly calorie requirements, probably not even over the daily total = no weight gain. It's just a hint slower weight loss, by a smidge.

I low carbed (Moseley style) for 6 weeks and then had a Pizza Hut incident. 'Yes please I will have a side order of carbs with my carbs.' I still had weight loss over the course of that week.

Just go back to what is working for you, and shrug it off. The key thing is not to fail in the overall diet because of a minor lapse in a regime.

seasidesally Wed 23-Mar-16 17:48:27

thanks,no it didnt add so thats ok,been very good since smile

lottielou7 Wed 23-Mar-16 17:49:28

A blip every now and then is even encouraged I think.

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