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Keto menu

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KP86 Wed 10-Feb-16 00:07:18

Hello, does anyone have a Keto menu plan that I could steal for DH and myself?

I want to stick to less than 20g net carbs per day (allowing for fibre) and 1500 cal.

I am currently 108kg and want to lose 30-35kg. Would love to get to 70-75, but 80kg is probably a good target for me. I'm 170-ish cm tall, depending on who is measuring.

Thanks. We are starting tomorrow and I have used My Fitness Pal to plan for the first three days, and DH has put me into a good website as well as reddit threads but I would really appreciate a menu plan if anyone has one. I can't quite get my head around not eating lots of vegies!

I've always concentrates on low-cal menus in the past, so this is a completely different way of thinking.


FavadiCacao Wed 10-Feb-16 12:23:12

Hi KP,

If you google Keto plans, you'll find so many you'll be spoilt for choice. smile

Here is an example from Prof Tim Noaks.
His green, orange and red list are very easy to understand.
Green=eat what you want, no need to count
Orange=be careful, keep an eye on portion

Here is another menu sample from Dr Colin Champ.

Some more keto plans here.

My suggestion is to stock up on olive oil, goose fat, beef drippings, lard, butter and cream (if you tolerate it), coconut oil, coconut cream, avocadoes, and olives.
Cooking with and eating fat will be the hardest part to get adjusted to, if are used to low cal.
Goose fat is fairly neutral you'll not notice it with poultry, fish or lamb; lard is your classic bacony taste; drippings are lovely with beef and game.
Avocado are gorgeous and versatile, easily turned into sauces and dips -hot or cold. Olives are a staple snack: I swear they don't have calories! wink

I cook meat and fish in the animal fats at medium to low heat and dress vegetables with raw olive oil or rich sauces (hollandaise, pesto, avocado...).

You'll soon get used to the veg, because they taste delicious when dressed with oil or sauces, or fried in butter or roasted in fat, with spices and herbs, with bacon and nuts..... grin

If you stuck for ideas, there a few recipes on here; the ones I post are keto. (exceptions Xmas sweet menu!)

There are also lots of delicious recipes on Bootcamp.

KP86 Wed 10-Feb-16 13:11:07

Thank you! I'll check out those links. I came across a couple of menus online this morning as well. They will be good for ideas.

We eat lots of vegies already, for me it's going to be cutting back on my portion sizes so to not go over carb levels. When low-cal, I would think nothing of a huge bowl of steamed broccoli, cauli and carrot with a chicken and curry powder broth for lunch, but if I did that now, even allowing for net-carbs I would be almost through my 20g in one meal!

I might jump on the boot camp thread as well.

Wish me luck!

FavadiCacao Wed 10-Feb-16 13:52:55

You're welcome. smile

You don't need to cut back on green veg! You can have as much as you want on the green list, without fruit and starches it's very difficult to exceed.
(Sure on days I fancy an orange sauce or an apple, I will choose spinach/salad as a side.)

Carbsnomore Wed 10-Feb-16 13:57:27

Boot camp thread is a great idea op. Lots of good advice and support. Boot camp doesn't count carbs, but if you follow the lists, I found I was averaging around 20g which is like Atkins phase 1. I'm at goal now and continue with this way if eating simply because I feel so much healthier. Good luck

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